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Dr. Kristie Pretti-Frontczak

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A highly sought-after speaker, accomplished author, and educators’ educator. Dr. Kristie Pretti-Frontczak began her career as an early interventionist and then spent 16 years as a tenured professor at Kent State University. Since 2013 she has followed her true passion for designing and delivering transformative professional development. As a result, she has accumulated over 50,000 hours of helping educators and leaders work from a place of compassion, hope, and love in locations from Cincinnati to Singapore. 


Dr. Julie Causton

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A best selling author, inspiring speaker, and inclusion advocate, Dr. Julie Causton began her career as an educator and then 14 years as a tenured professor at Syracuse University. In 2012 she founded Inclusive Schooling, a premiere company solely devoted to delivering professional development which transforms schools and lives. She has spent the past 25 years nearly obsessed with discovering innovative practices and teaching others about inclusive education through her wildly engaging presentations. 

Session-by-Session resources

Differentiation 101

Differentiation 101 Part 1

Definition of inclusion [pdf]

Establishing a Union

  • Guiding Questions [pdf]
  • Team Building Checklist [pdf]

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Roles and Resonsibiites Checklist [pdf]
  • Role Cards [pdf]
  • Co-Teaching Meeting Dos & Don’t [pdf]

Low Prep Strategies

  • Prompting ladder of support [pdf] and with examples [pdf]; “Ladder within a ladder” – visual support hierarchy [pdf] + Hour long training for paras on using the ladder of support [Viemo]
  • Zig Zag [blog with embedded links]
  • 100 Ways to Adapt Anything [pdf]

    Co-Teaching Resources

    • Co-Teaching Models [pdf]
    • One teach one make multi-sensory [pdf]
    • 9 ways to make any lesson inclusive [pdf]
    • 45 Ways to Group Students [pdf]

        Leverging the Power of Paraprofessionals

        • 140 Ways To Support Students Virtually [pdf]
        • 20 Ways to Provide Silent/Invisible Support [pdf]
        Differentiation 101 Part 2


        • Lesson Plan Template [pdf] and [Google Doc]
        • Visual Lesson Plan Template [pdf]
        • Lesson Plan Completed Example [pdf]
        • Five Minute Problem-Solving [blog and handout]
        • Making Time When There Isn’t Time [pdf]
        • Co-Teaching Meeting Dos & Don’t [pdf]
        • Do Not Disturb Sign [pdf]


        • Differentiation Strategies Packet [pdf
        • Differentiated Menu Examples: [pdf
        • Differentiated Think Tac Toe Examples  [pdf
        • Read and watch about how to “rock the range” of learners [blog and video]
        • Watch this training video on how to bridge skill gaps [video]

          From Behaving to Belonging Book Club May 12 (click to open and access resources)

          • Definition of Inclusion Handout [pdf]
          • Checklist of Supplemental Supports and Services [pdf]
          • Reactive vs. Ready Brains [pdf]
          • Human Ways of Being [pdf]
          • Common Stressor Checklist [pdf]
          • 10 Ways to Reduce Stressors [pdf]
          • 4 S’s for Supporting Students [pdf]
          • Student Lifelines [pdf]
          • ASCD article – Ready…Set…Success: A Formula for Leading Schools with Love or [pdf]
          • But They Can’t Be Included Because of Behavior – Training with Dr. Julie Causton and Dr. Kristie Pretti-Frontczak [video]

          Additional Resources

          • Early Childhood Stressors [pdf]
          • Attachment Science and the 4 S’s (8:25) [audio]
          • Attachment Science and the 4 S’s long version (53:06) [video]
          • Harnessing the Power of Showing Up [podcast]
          • How to Apply the Four S’s to Autism for Secure Attachments [podcast]
          • Examples of how to reduce stressors when it comes to transitions [blog]
          • More strategies for reducing stressors [pdf]
          • Teach Before the Peak long with Dr. Kristie Pretti-Frontczak (15:29) [video]
          • Podcast “Wait for Green Before You Go” (32:37) [audio]
          • Planned Ignoring [podcast] [blog]
          • Beyond Behavior Charts & Public Discipline: 9  Ideas for Supporting Students with Love and Respect [pdf]
          • The Boy on Red: ASCD article [link]
          • PreK Teach and Play podcast about the use of praise, rewards, and punishment
          • PreK Teach And Play Podcast Episode 36- Three Strikes and You’re Out: Why We Don’t Use Behavior Charts with Children [link]
          • Bag the behavior charts [blog]
          • It’s Time to Flip Behavior Cards and Charts to Stop [link]
          • Weathering the Storm Resources
            • Short training with Dr. Kristie Pretti-Frontczak [video] and tip sheet [pdf]
            • Expanded learning handout [pdf]
            • Escalation stages handout [pdf]
            • What if they run? FB live with Dr. Kristie Pretti-Frontczak [video]

          IEP Series Session 1 (click to access resources)

          Definition of Inclusion [pdf]

          IDEA Federal Rules [link]

          NY State Blueprint [link]

          Who’s at the IEP Table? A Quick Guide to Roles and Responsibilities [link]

          IEP Superpowers Quiz [link] + Detailed report [pdf]


          Other Resources

          IEP Series Session 2 (click to access resources)


          Key PPT slides about PLAAFP [pdf]

          Long list of supplemental supports and services [pdf]

          Strength-Based PLAAFP Resources

          How 1: Re-Story Students

          • Winnie the Pooh video and PPT [YouTube]
          • Fixed vs. Flexible Mindset [pdf]
          • Person First Language [pdf]

          How 2: Focus on Strengths

          • Using Strengths – Multiple Intelligences [pdf]
          • Positive Student Profile [pdf]
          • What Works Map [pdf]
          • All About Me Map [pdf]

          How 3: Turning Lead to Gold

          • Blooms Revised Taxonomy Verbs [link]
          • Learn how to love paperwork (affirmative vocabulary) [blog] + Download with affirmative vocabulary examples [pdf]

          IEP Superpowers Quiz [link] + Detailed report [pdf]

          Other Resources

          IEP Series Session 3 (click to access resources)

          Dimensions of Behavior Unpacked [pdf]

          Measurable Observable Verbs [pdf]

          RGORI to measure functionality and measurability [pdf]

          Dimensions of Behavior Resource [pdf]

          Disability, Delay, Disorder, or Difference Handout [pdf]

          Bonus Resources

          1. Super short – What is a Goal with Shelley Moore [YouTube] and Shelley Moore – It is time to evolve the S.M.A.R.T. goal! This strategy breaks down the acronym to help teams to develop IEP goals that are Strength-Based, Meaningful, Authentic, Responsive and Triangulated! [YouTube]
          2. Medium length – Surviving and Thriving IEP Season [YouTube]
          3. Medium length – Blog with tips for writing meaningful IEP goals [link] or My (Un)Special Education with Brianna [podcast and blog]
          4. Longer real-life critique of IEP goals where we dig into the 4 filters and other key concepts as we ask “What criteria should be used” [Part 1] and [Part 2]

          IEP Series Session 4 (click to access resources)

          KEY PPT Slides for IEP Development with Dr. Joyce Carr [pdf]

          Shelley Moore video

          Long list of supplemental supports and services [pdf]

          IEP Makeover book [pdf]

          Here’s a really long example of how to track and monitor progress toward social reciprocity [pdf]

          JC talked about the Endrew F. ruling from 2017 – here is a blog about the case if you are interested

          BONUS Course

          How to navigate tutorial [video]

          And even more resources here: and here – ENJOY!

          Break-out Zoom Link

          INCLUSIVE EDUCATION MEANS we no longer accept that separate classrooms, separate schools, and separate lives are in the best interest of any student. Separating peoplevby ability disadvantages everyone. Belonging is a human need. Our educational system, practices, and spaces, need to be reimagined.

          INCLUSIVE EDUCATION MEANS every student is valued because of their strengths, gifts, and even challenges. As disability is simply… diversity. Everyone benefits from meaningful participation and opportunities to learn grade level content with diverse peers. We must trust that all students come to us as incredible whole people who do not need to be fixed.


          Looking to order the book in bulk or e-Book format? Email us for a quote and/or more info on the e-Books!