A phenomenal co-teaching team does not happen by accident!


It takes trust, knowledge, creativity, and a ton of co-teaching strategies.


Unlock the Co-Teaching Experience Now!

Have you ever said (or thought)…

  • Even though I am supposed to be a “co-teacher” I feel like a helper in the room. 
  • There isn't enough time to plan and coordinate with my co-teacher
  • I am not getting along with my co-teacher.
  • I hope I don't get the co-taught room next year.

Maybe you've felt or said one or all of these things at some point. Co-teaching can be hard…we know. It can also be the most rewarding experience you have as an educator.

And guess what? We can help you move beyond these worries. 

Whether you've been co-teaching for 5 minutes or 15 years, this co-teaching series is for you! We'll help you fall in love with co-teaching (again), set goals and a vision that brings out your very best, and give you tons of tools to overcome even the most challenging situations.

If You Need Support With…

  • Creating parity

  • Communicating with your co-teacher

  • Discovering more and better structures to co-teach

  • Finding the very best matching co-teaching outfits

  • Utilizing the most efficient way to plan, teach, assess or problem solve

We are here to help! We will share solutions for each of these and much much more!! 

What is it?

4 classes co-taught by Dr. Julie Causton and Dr. Kristie Pretti-Frontczak who are experts in co-teaching and all things inclusion. We will even be bringing in more co-teachers (excellent teams of co-teachers spanning all ages and grades)– so you can ask grade alike co-teachers everything you have always wanted to ask.

Who is it for?

For anyone pre K-12 grade who co-teaches now or is going to co-teach next year. It is perfect for teams of general and special education teachers who want to get really clear on best practices for all aspects of co-teaching. This series is also perfect for Itinerant teachers and Inclusion Facilitators. You'll learn invaluable strategies for communicating, coaching, and consulting with others.


What will we get?

We will cover everything from co-teaching structures to how to plan efficiently. We will help solve the most common challenges that co-teachers face. 

We will discuss role sharing and how to differentiate lessons, teach inclusively, communicate with grace and SO SO much more. 

You will get handy handouts, resources, podcasts all on a convenient dashboard that is tailor made for this course.

DR. Kristie Pretti-Frontczak

Will we get other resources?

Of course!  You will get handouts, podcasts, videos, infographics and just about any other type of resource you can think of.  If you have ever taken a course with Kristie and Julie– one thing no one who has ever taken our courses said is — I wish we got MORE resources.  

Why should I take this course?

Because you CAN have an amazing, miraculous, and frankly earth-shattering partnership and we want to help you do that.


What People are Saying

Your training has had a profound impact on my own learning and how I think about others’ learning.
FAR exceeded my expectations! Well worth the investment!
The most rewarding, amazingly resourceful, and the best professional development.
This class is perfect for anyone who co-teaches or who coaches other teachers.

Have a question before you join?


What if I can't attend the live sessions?

You will get lifetime access to the recorded sessions. So no worries if you have other things you'd like to do when we are gathering live. Join us for all or some of each session, wait until your kids are asleep and binge watch, or you can check-it out as part of an existing PLC organized by your district or program. You and your co-teacher can also save and replay during “date night”. 

Will the live sessions be recorded?

Yep! And you'll have lifetime access to them. Each live session will be posted to your dashboard within 48 hours of the live event.

Do I have to come with a co-teacher?

Nope! However, we'd love it if you and your co-teacher could do this together. For those who are Inclusion Facilitators and Itinerant teachers, we'd love for you to invite one or more of the teachers you support to join you on this adventure.

Where will it be?

We'll be live via the ZOOM app…and don't worry! If you are zoomed out…this isn't your typical ZOOM meeting or boring professional development. We promise!

You can turn your camera on or or leave it off. You can sit on your couch, or bed, or at your kitchen table. The dress code is comfy and we plan on having tons of fun.

What do I need to do to prepare?

No preparation necessary. Come with your biggest challenges to co-teaching at the ready and we will help you find solutions and support. Feel free to bring your coffee, wear your PJs, heck have a mimosa. Just be ready to learn co-teaching strategies, structures, and be inspired by what is possible!

We'll invite you to a customized and private dashboard ahead time. You are welcome to explore or just take a peek. You'll also be invited to a private Facebook community. You can join at any time.

What else do I need to buy?
It is highly recommended that everyone enrolled purchase a copy of Dr. Julie Causton's 30 Days to the Co-Taught Classroom. If you don’t already have a copy, it is available through Amazon or your favorite book seller. If your district enrolled you, they likely purchased the book. Check with them before ordering.

  • Buying fewer than 10 copies? Click here to order through Amazon or the bookseller of your choice.
  • Buying 10 or more copies *shipping to a single location*? Click here and complete the form on the page or email us at contact@cotaughtclassroom.com.
What will you cover?

Here is an overview of each of the sessions:

Session 1 – Co-Teaching as a Professional Relationship

Session 2 – Co-Teaching to Teach MORE Effectively

Session 3 – Co-Planning for Inclusive Lessons

Session 4 – Co-Teaching to make Learning (and Teaching) More FUN

What if I have to cancel?

With our virtual events, we don't process refunds. Because everything is recorded and you'll have access to all the content upon registering. If you have questions, contact Dr. Kristie Pretti-Frontczak directly at Kristie@Kristiepf.com.