Out of the therapy room and into the classroom!

Inclusive Related Services On-Demand

How to design and deliver inclusive and integrated therapy

Participants will receive 100s of practical strategies on how to provide inclusive therapy  and create inclusive schools. Our aim is to shift mindsets, heartsets, and skillsets.  Learn to create inclusive goals, collaborate with educators and paraprofessionals, schedule for inclusion, address common challenges, and advocate for inclusive service delivery for your students.  


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Co-Taught & Co-Created with 9 Fabulous Practicing Related Service Providers!

Why Get a District License?

  • 8+ hours of content can be shared with every related service provider in your district! 
  • Access to the customized dashboard with all of the PD videos, shared resources, and handouts, which can be downloaded by anyone in the district at any time 
  • Use the video sessions and resources to provide ongoing inspiration and training during the year 
  • Use to on-board new staff at any time! 
  • Gets EVERY related service provider in the district on the “same” page about inclusive education and inclusive therapy… leading to a real change in practice! 


What is it?

An on demand dashboard filled with transformative professional development and resources to support PreK-12 therapists to design and delivery inclusive related services.

Is it for me?

If you are a Pre-K to 12th speech & language therapist, occupational therapist, and physical therapist who is interested in providing inclusive and integrated therapy… this dashboard is for YOU! 


What do we get?

Tons of practical tools, tips, and strategies to create inclusive related service delivery!


Problem-solving techniques!


Lifetime access to the customized dashboard filled with video content, handy handouts, research, scheduling tools, podcasts and more carefully curated resources! 

DR. Kristie Pretti-Frontczak

Is it time sensitive?

Learn at your own speed! Your access to a customized dashboard includes recorded sessions just for inclusive related therapists, handy handouts, and links to podcasts, videos, infographics and all sorts of helpful resources.  You will have access to the dashboard… forever and we will only keep ADDING content to it as time passes. 

Learn from Practicing Related Service Providers! 

 We go far beyond philosophy and research. We head straight to the classroom where the rubber ultimately meets the road.  We co-teach this PD with practicing therapists so you can learn directly from them about their best tips and strategies!

Aligned with the Related Service Handbooks! 

This PD is aligned with Dr. Causton’s friendly, down-to-earth guides for OTs and SLPs working as part of an inclusive school team. Packed with immediately useful strategies, examples that relate directly to daily practice, and invaluable insights from seasoned practitioners these guidebooks are an incredible resource.


What people are saying about Inclusive Schooling PD! 


“I am now more aware and intentional about how to collaborate to support the needs of diverse learners.”

“A must for everyone that cares about our educational system!”

  Explore the Endless Possibilities of Inclusive Related Service Delivery 


Have a question before you join?


How long will I have access to the dashboard?

You’ll have access forever!  

What will you cover?

The “what” “why” and “how” of inclusive related service delivery is covered! Practitioners and experts provide tips and ideas for seamless inclusive service delivery and illuminate solutions to the most common challenges inclusive related service practitioners face. 

We’ve got tons of research-based and practical resources — including a FAQ document, inclusive related service scheduling supports, handouts to support the use of co-teaching structures and creation of inclusive IEP goals, research articles, podcasts, and more! 

Bonus video sessions from self-advocates and other inclusion experts are also included. 

What is included?
  • Recorded sessions with Dr. Julie Causton and Dr. Kristie Pretti-Frontczak
  • Recorded sessions with practicing related service providers
  • Lifetime access to the customized web-based dashboard with video sessions and real-life examples from inspiring practitioners and tons of  downloadable and sharable research-based resources 
  • Recorded sssions with students and other inclusion experts
  • Downloadable Certificate of Completion
Can I use my learning time toward CEUs?

Yes! You can download the Certificate of Completion and include the number of hours you spent learning with the dashboard. Then submit to your administrator or supervisor.