Related Service Provider Color Key 

Specific to SLPs (useful for all)

Specific to OTs & PTs (useful for all)

Specific to OTs (useful for all)

Bite-Sized Tips for Inclusive Related Services from Practicing SLPs (click to access resources discussed in bite-sized tips)

In these bite sized videos related service practitioners share tips and best practices related to specific concepts and commonly asked questions about inclusive related services. 


  • Stacie Hoban, Ohio
  • Lizzy Augustine, Wisconsin
  • Marica Blum, Colorado
  • Beth Diedrick, Ohio

Aligned Resources

  • Co-Planning Template [Google Doc]
  • IEP Matrix [pdf]
  • Shelley Moore’s Inclusive Purpose Planner [pdf]
  • Wisconsin’s 5 Step IEP Process [link]
  • Positive Student Profile [pdf]
  • IEP One-Pager [pdf]






How do you support goals throughout the day?   (1 min 7s)

How do you move toward transdisciplinary IEP Goals? (1 min 16s)

How do you build relationship with your co-teachers? (1 min 9s)

How do you co-plan? What does it look like? (4 min 3s)

Consultation as a Co-Teaching Model (3 min 17s)

Consult and direct service– are SLPs ever attached to an IEP goal? (1 min 33s)

How to target articulation during natural learning opportunities? (1 min 9s)

How do you determine the “WHAT” for an IEP goal?  (1 min 5s)

Embedding Vocabulary into Classroom Lessons (1 min 29s)

Inclusive Related Service Provision with Dr. Julie Causton, Dr. Kristie Pretti-Frontczak and Practicing OTs and PTs (Click to Access Resources)

In this video Dr. Julie Causton and Dr. Kristie Pretti-Frontczak talk with a panel of OTs and PTs and share top tips and tools for createing successful inclusive settings for all. (Originally recorded for OT/PT WI Statewide Conference)

  • Key PPT slides [pdf]

  • Note-taking sheet [pdf]

  • Definition of inclusion [pdf]

  • Prompting ladder of support [pdf] and with examples [pdf]

  • Multi-sensory co-teaching tips [pdf]

  • ZOOM makeover tips [pdf]

Click here to watch this video with Closed Captions.

Top Tips for Inclusive Related Services from a Practicing OT (click to access resources)

Key Resources

  • PPT Slides [pdf]

Resources Discussed During Presentation:




Kristen Posner
Kristen Posner - Bio and Contact (Click to Open)

Kristen Posner, OTD/ OTR/L
Kristen is an inclusive Occupational Therapist with decades of experience in diverse settings. Kristen is currently a school OT for a large school district in Pennsylvania.
Twitter: https://twitter.com/kristen_posner

Kristen Posner
Kate MacLeod

An innovative educator, author, researcher and inclusion expert, Dr. Kate MacLeod began her career as a high school special educator in New York City. She co-founded Inclusive Schooling with Dr. Julie Causton and also works as an assistant professor at University of Maine Farmington. She has spent 15 years teaching about and researching the best inclusive practices in order to help educators feel prepared and inspired to include all learners.