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Our work is designed to enhance academic excellence and close the achievement gap for students with disabilities through facilitating the move towards increased inclusive services. The goal is to align and increase the skills of administrators, teachers, paraprofessionals, and other service providers to educate students with disabilities more effectively in inclusive settings.  Listed below are a menu of services we offer along with associated time recommendations. We would be happy to customize these services to meet your specific needs.

Creating and Maintaining Inclusive Schools for ALL

For teachers, administrators, parents, or CSE director

This interactive presentation is for anyone in a school setting who is interested in creating more inclusive schools. Filled with useful ideas and strategies we will cover how to create inclusive schools and the dramatic achievement results of an inclusive shift for students with and without disabilities.

Creating and Maintaining Inclusive Schools for ALL

For administrators

This is for all school leaders who seek to build inclusive schools and communities. Filled with practical ideas and strategies, we will explore inclusive education and examine issues of school reform, the law and the literature supporting inclusive education.  We will share concrete steps to help make inclusive school dreams a reality.

To Teach them ALL Together!
Co-Teaching for Inclusive Schools

For educators

This presentation provides educators with a myriad of ways to improve their co-teaching relationship, including how to make planning for differentiation more efficient in order to successfully meet the needs of all students.

The Wildly Engaged Inclusive Classroom

For educators

This engaging presentation provides teachers with countless ways to improve student engagement. With practical and easy to implement ideas, this presentation is often requested as an inspiring kick-off to the year.

Humanistic Behavioral Supports

For educators

This presentation provides educators with a multitude of ways to re-think challenging behavior and create inclusive humanistic supports.  This is a must for every teacher who has a student (or two) that keep them up at night. A refreshing and surprising look at behavior management.

Differentiation for Inclusive Schooling

For educators (suggested 1-3 day series)

This longer presentation works best over three days.  Throughout these three days, educators learn how to effectively differentiate for the academic, behavioral, and readiness range of all their learners.

Rethinking the IEP Process

For educators

This presentation is a hands-on presentation where we take a more positive approach to IEP writing, goal setting, and running meetings.

Lesson Design & Planning

For educators (suggested 1-3 day series)

This presentation answers the complex question—How do you design effective, engaging differentiated lessons for the inclusive classroom.  Educators take their actual lessons and do an extreme lesson design makeover. Best for 1-3 days.

Autism Specific Supports

For educators

This presentation is perfect for anyone educator who happens to be working with a student with the label of autism.  The focus of this presentation is how to include students with autism more effectively.

Inclusive Classroom Makeover

For educators (3 days-not consecutive)

We work collaboratively with the teachers to create instructional and space redesign. We will provide teachers with 101 ways to adapt and engage students and help to build a student-centric space that considers lighting, sensory needs, movement needs, flexibility and choice utilizing cost-efficient and research-based materials and ideas. You set the budget and we provide an inclusive classroom redesign.

Problem Solving and Coaching Sessions

For teachers, administrators, paraprofessionals, or CSE directors (1-10 days)

This engaging presentation provides teachers with countless ways to improve student engagement. With practical and easy to implement ideas, this is often requested as an inspiring kick-off to the year.

More services for districts who are very serious about moving towards more inclusive service provision.  

District Level Supports and Services- for Administrators

A thorough review of special education practices at the district level in order to identify barriers to the LRE and student success. We will develop recommendations for district procedures, use of human resources, classroom practice and professional development. Review procedure includes district visits, data collection, data analysis, written report and presentation. Our goal is to provide you with the support and tools to create lasting inclusive change.

  • 3-5 days: observation
  • 5-7 days: analysis and report writing
  • 1-2 days: presenting findings

This is a highly engaging and customizable service most used for districts interested in energizing and getting all administrators on the same page with inclusion. 1-3 days

Send administrators and teacher leaders to an interactive three-day institute. Presents the latest research, hosts national speakers and provides key lessons from practice that are necessary to create equitable and excellent schools for all students. The institute places a particular focus on the inclusion of students with disabilities, special education, and issues of belonging and learning for all students.

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