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General Resources Shared Across Meetings and Sessions

Man ZOOM Meeting Room Link:

Definition of Inclusion [pdf]

Circle Makers - The What, Why, and How of Inclusion (click to open)

Circle Makers – The What, Why, and How of Inclusion

August 31st from 9:00-10:30 am ET

  • Definition of Inclusion Handout [pdf]
  • Checklist of Supplemental Supports and Services [pdf]
  • Prompting Ladder [pdf]
  • Zig Zag Process [pdf]
  • 100 ways to adapt anything [pdf]
  • 1 Teach 1 Makes Multi-Sensory [pdf]
  • Blog on the Toothpaste Theory [link]

TONS more “how”

  • 9 ways to be an Ally to your LGBTQ+ Students [pdf]
  • 5 Ways to turn line makers into circle makers [pdf]
  • 9 ways to make any lesson inclusive [pdf]
  • 140 ways paras can support students [pdf]
  • 100 ways to teach anything virtually [pdf] + ZOOM Makeover tips [pdf] + FB live session [video]
  • First Day Get to Know You Survey [pdf]
  • 20 Ways to Provide Invisible/Silent Support [pdf]
  • Give your IEPs a makeover (ECE version)

PD 4 Paras Opening and Closing Sessions (click to open)

August 31st 11:00am-12:00pm ET; date for 2nd bookend TBD

(everything else is on the Para Part 1 dashboard)

Defintion of inclusion [pdf]

100 Ways to Adapt Anything [pdf]


Bonus: 10 Inclusion Myths with Pat Radel

Special Education Myths with Pat Radel

  • Recording of original live session [YouTube] – end at timestamp 1:05ish
  • Pat’s PPT slides [pdf]

Related Handouts/Resources

  • Long list of supplemental supports and services [pdf]
  • Sneak Peek into Pat’s Live Session from a FaceBook Live on November 16th [FB link]
  • Pre-K Teach and Play Podcast episodes with Pat Radel [link]
  • Session from the 2020 Summer Leadership Institute (also broadcast on FB) [link]

Presenter: Pat Radel, Esq.


Blog: Appropriately Ambitious


Fun Resources