Y’all — we are so excited to announce that you can now register for our online course, The Inspired Paraprofessional!!!

What is it about?

Julie and Kate have created this course specifically for paraprofessionals working in K-12 inclusive schools who want to increase their knowledge about supporting diverse learners. In five 30-minute video classes we cover topics like,

  • special and inclusive education basics
  • providing invisible academic supports
  • supporting friendships
  • providing behavioral supports
  • strategies for effective communication and collaboration with others
  • and more!

In each of the 5 video classes we’ve included many engaging activities, handouts, articles, and video resources. And, for all those learners who like to interact with each other and with us, we’ve set up an online Facebook discussion group.

How does it work?

We’ve designed this online course to be both asynchronous and evergreen, so paraprofessionals can create unique timelines for beginning and completing the course, and they’ll have forever access. That means paraprofessionals can revisit specific video sessions or favorite materials whenever they want— even months or years later.

Does the course count toward Professional Development credit?

This online course is equivalent to 3 professional development hours upon administrator approval. Once the course is pre-approved for credit, paraprofessionals will complete the course. Then they can turn in their completed class materials (Course Learning Log, Class Handout Packets, and Certificate of Completion) to earn their 3 professional development (PD) hours.

So, if you didn’t catch that… we’re talking about 3 hours of PD that you can get in your PJs!

Join us!

We can’t wait to see all of the amazing paraprofessionals who will join us! Head on over to The Inspired Paraprofessional to learn register today.

With inclusive wishes,

Kate & Julie

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