Beyond Treats and Timeouts: Support for Challenging Behaviors On-Demand


Support for behaviors that are challenging.

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This is a four-part on-demand series for PreK-12th grade special and general education teachers, related service professionals, paraprofessionals, educational leaders, coaches, and inclusion facilitators ready for a different approach to behaviors that are challenging. Each session is 120 minutes and co-taught by Dr. Julie Causton, Dr. Kristie Pretti-Frontczak, and Dr. Kate MacLeod. Learn more about their work here. Each of the four sessions provides practical strategies for shifting from a “behavior management” mindset (that punishes students for “bad” behavior or rewards students for “good” or “compliant” behavior) to an approach that supports all students—with kindness, creativity, acceptance, and love.

  • Get Ready!
    • Normal is a myth
    • Relationships are key
    • Bad behavior is not what it seems
    • You are a boat captain
  • Get Set!: Part 1
    • Understand what is happening in the brain
    • Helping all students feel safe, seen, soothed, and have secure attachments
  • Get Set! Part 2:
    • How to reduce stressors that push students out of the zone of optimal learning
    • What to do instead of using public discipline, behavior charts and rewards/punishments
  • Experience Success!
    • Responding to and supporting big emotions
    • Collaborative success plans
    • Refueling and self-care
  • Four on demand sessions  (120 minutes/session) with Dr. Julie Causton, Dr. Kristie Pretti-Frontczak, and Dr. Kate MacLeod
  • Lifetime access to on demand sessions 
  • Lifetime access to a customized web-based dashboard with real-life examples and tons of research-based resources


Want everyone in your district to learn how to support students — even those with behaviors that are challenging? Click here to get a building/district-wide license.