2022 Summer Leadership Institute Early Bird (Individual Seat)



The Secrets of Extraordinary Inclusive Schools - 3 Transformative days of learning alongside visionary leaders.

If you need to use a Purchase order, please contact Liz@inclusiveschooling.com.

The three days include LIVE and on-demand workshops with internationally recognized inclusion experts and advocates!

Here's what you get:

  • A seat at all LIVE sessions
  • Access to ALL recorded sessions for one month (i.e., through September 2022)
  • Downloadable handouts with our most magical tips


This is a virtual event like you have NEVER experienced before-- so buckle up and get ready for take off! We’ve designed a creative and innovative learner-centered institute. Across the three days you will engage in real conversations with some of the biggest game change agents in the world of inclusive education. 

You receive enough resources to prepare you to sustain this powerful work for an entire year. SLI 2022 is perfect for ALL educators who are READY to finally create an equitable and joy-filled educational system. 

“This was like getting a Ph.D. in innovative inclusive education in 3 days.” 

You can join at any time, on any of the days, from any place in the world. All you need is a comfy spot with good wifi! And don’t worry if you are on vacation, leading a back-to-school retreat, or still recovering from this past year - we’ll record the sessions and have them ready when you are!

Dates: August 8, 9, 10th (2022)

Times: 9-4 pm Eastern Time (subject to change)

This rate is only available until May 17, 2022. At that time, registration goes to the full rate, which is $787/person.

If you need to use a Purchase order, please contact Liz@inclusiveschooling.com.

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