Circle Makers Summer Academy District License (Early Bird Rate)


Get a license for your entire district for one flat rate. Provides lifetime access to the training content and community supports.



This academy is for all circle makers who are educators interested in making wider and wider circles to include more and more students in all academic and social opportunities.

Participants will receive 100s of practical strategies on how to create inclusive lessons and inclusive schools. Our aim is to shift mindsets, heartsets, and skillsets. Our focus is on all student identities from ability, to race, to gender, culture, and language. You will leave with stronger skills in redesigning lessons, differentiating to create more access points, fostering independence and interdependence, supporting students through transitions, working with other team members, and leveraging the power of paraprofessionals, peers, and related service providers.

Dates and Times:

  • August 26 – Changing Mindsets and Heartsets: The What, Why, and How of Inclusion
  • August 27 – Redesigning Lessons, Restorying Students, Reimagining education, Revisiting Our Notions of Normal
  • September 2 – Changing Skillsets: Creating Access Points, Differentiating for Diverse Learners, and Fostering Interdependence
  • September 3 – Dealing with Challenging Behaviors: Supporting Students (and other adults) Before, During, and After The Storm

All times are from 10:00am-4:00 pm Eastern Time Zone. All sessions will be recorded.

Want just a seat or two instead of a district-wide access to the sessions? Click here to learn how.

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