Para-Bytes (District License)


Para-Bytes is our brand new bite-sized professional development designed specifically to help busy PreK-12 paraprofessionals provide fabulous inclusive supports to ALL students! 



Para-Bytes On Demand Dashboard (District License) is our brand new on-demand professional development designed for busy PreK-12 paraprofessionals, teaching assistants, and one-on-one aides. Para-Bytes includes 24 byte-sized videos organized into four big themes (foundations, academics, behavior, and independence) that cover EVERYTHING paraprofessionals need to know to provide incredible inclusive support to all students

What do we get? 

  • 24 Byte- Sized sessions co-taught by inclusion experts Dr. Julie  Causton and Dr. Kristie Pretti-Frontczak
  • Each Byte  is no more than 15 minutes long and answers a single pressing question for paraprofessionals to help keep learning focused and practical. From “What is my role in supporting students in an inclusive school?” and “What are the behavioral strategies I should have at the ready?” to “how can I provide invisible supports?” we have you covered. 
  • Bytes includes activities, reflection, and a handy-handout to help paras put their learning into practice. 
  • Paraprofessionals can choose to access each byte in the order that serves them best— move from Foundational to Independent, or bounce around to explore answers and ideas to their most pressing questions. 
  • Downloadable Certificate of Completion (approx.12+ hours of main content, bonus recordings, readings/handouts, reflections, and activities) 

How does it work?

For this on-demand online learning, once administrators purchase the district license, we provide a password protected link to share with paraprofessionals to access the online Para-Bytes Dashboard. We also share email copy administrators can use to introduce and share Para-Bytes with their staff in an engaging and detail-oriented way.  The online dashboard will give paraprofessionals 24/7/365 access to all of the Para-Bytes for an entire year. This includes access to the 24 Para-Bytes videos, practical tips, handouts and all bonus material. 


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