SLI On-Demand Small Group License




This is a Small Group License: Get access for 15 or more people. You’ll be prompted to submit a list of names and emails after you register, so everyone has access.

Click here for a Personal License
Click here for a District License

✔️ What if you could have all this information in one place, a library of resources that you could access anytime?

✔️ What if you could get immediate access to presentations from industry experts, without having to pay their travel fees or coordinate schedules?

That’s exactly what we’ve created.

You’ll get PD that fits in with your schedule. You can queue up the videos when it works for you. Plus, audio downloads are available for most presentations so you can listen on the go.

We’ve made PD easy for you.

With the presentations, you can access easy-to-digest notes on what people will learn as a result of watching the content, plus good reflection questions if you’re leading discussions. (No prep necessary.)

All your PD for the year in one place.

But we also realize that it can be incredibly daunting to know when and how to implement it. We have training specifically to help you use this PD to your best advantage.