Project Hawk-Eye: STEM Empowerment Starts with Inclusion

Here at Inclusive Schooling, we believe inclusion is the foundation for all good things— including authentic and exciting STEM education.

So when I (Kate) got the chance to co-write with friend and educator,  Jackie Giammarco, about Project Hawk-Eye— an innovative, student-driven STEM project in her inclusive district outside of Philadelphia— I jumped at the chance.

You can read our piece, STEM Empowerment Starts with Inclusion, here on ASCD’s website.  It’s a quick and powerful story about inclusion, high expectations, and sheer student and educator ingenuity.

And, just for fun, below is a photograph of two high school students hard at work on Project Hawk-Eye.

(Image: two students are in a classroom, using a power drill. An educator observes their work.)

Happy reading and sharing!

With inclusive wishes,