Sharing Success: One District’s Approach to Highlighting Inclusive Practices

This fall Julie was invited to North Penn School District in Southeastern Pennsylvania where she had the pleasure of presenting about inclusive schooling. During her time there she was able to meet with many incredible educators, parents, and administrators who are working hard to create more inclusive practices for the district’s 13,000 students.

Recently, North Penn’s director of special education and student services, Dr. Jenna Rufo, sent us the October Newsletter that she shared with the entire district. The newsletter highlights some of North Penn’s wonderful inclusive work, including a co-teaching team’s marriage vows, the on-going planning efforts of inclusive related service providers, and the beauty of new student friendships. With Dr. Rufo’s permission, we are excited to share the entire newsletter with you here!


As an administrator, educator, and/or parent working to create more inclusive schools, we know there is so much to gain by supporting and learning from each other. We hope that Dr. Rufo’s newsletter inspires you to think of new ways to highlight or encourage inclusive practices in your own school district. We encourage you to reach out to each other on our FaceBook site Inspire Inclusion, visit one another’s schools, or even register for our online fall course, The Inspired Educator: 21 Days to Happier & More Engaged Learners.

We are so impressed that you are doing this critical work and hope that you’ll choose to broaden your inclusive support network in a way that is meaningful to you. This work is built on collaboration and community, and together you are all working toward creating schools and communities that celebrate diversity and value each and every student. We believe there is nothing more important.

With inclusive wishes,

Kate & Julie

Inclusive Schooling