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Dr. Julie Causton

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Magical Circle Maker

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prolific author

An inspiring author, speaker, and inclusion advocate, Dr. Julie Causton spent 14 years in Higher Education at Syracuse University before leaving to become the CEO of Inclusive Schooling. She has spent the past 20 years studying best practices for inclusive education. Her dynamic presentations focus on engaging ways to educate learners, regardless of age, ability, and/or location.

Dr. Kristie Pretti-Frontczak

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Revolutionary thought leader

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Fierce play advocate

An accomplished author, sought-after speaker, and educator’s educator, Dr. Kristie Pretti-Frontczak spent 16 years as a tenured professor in Higher Education at Kent State University before leaving to lead a {r}evolution in early childhood education. She has spent over 50,000 hours teaching adults best practices in early childhood care and education in locations from Cincinnati to Singapore. She’s also been teaching adult learners on-line since 1997.

Session-by-Session resources

What, Why, and How of Inclusion (click to access resources)

  • Definition of Inclusion Handout [pdf]
  • Checklist of Supplemental Supports and Services [pdf]
  • Prompting Ladder [pdf]
  • Zig Zag Process [pdf]
  • 100 ways to adapt anything [pdf]
  • 1 Teach 1 Makes Multi-Sensory [pdf]
  • Blog on the Toothpaste Theory [link]

Shared during our live session

  • Getting to know you handout [pdf]
  • More about pronouns [link]

Turning Lines Into Circles: October 1st (click to access resources)

Differentiation Strategies [pdf]

10 ways to reduce stressors [pdf]

Reducing stressors [pdf]

Extending the green zone [link]

9 ways to be an Ally to your LGBTQ+ Students [pdf]

  • First Day Get to Know You Survey [pdf]

5 Ways to turn line makers into circle makers [pdf]

9 ways to make any lesson inclusive [pdf]

140 ways paras can support students [pdf]

100 ways to teach anything virtually [pdf] + ZOOM Makeover tips [pdf] + FB live session [video]

20 Ways to Provide Invisible/Silent Support [pdf]

Lifelines [pdf]

  • Offering Lifelines [png]
  • Blog on lifelines [link]

Stress Detective Checklist [pdf]

ASCD article [link]

INCLUSIVE EDUCATION MEANS we no longer accept that separate classrooms, separate schools, and separate lives are in the best interest of any student. Separating people by ability disadvantages everyone. Belonging is a human need. Our educational system, practices, and spaces, need to be reimagined.

INCLUSIVE EDUCATION MEANS every student is valued because of their strengths, gifts, and even challenges. As disability is simply… diversity. Everyone benefits from meaningful participation and opportunities to learn grade level content with diverse peers. We must trust that all students come to us as incredible whole people who do not need to be fixed.

Choose Your Own Learning Options

At any time, you can continue to explore the on-demand resources below, the course/event portals at the top of the dashboard, and even the resources linked for any of the live sessions.

While learning, access and use either the Inclusive Schooling Exploration Plan or Learning Contract.


Option #1: Middle School Co-Teachers Discuss co-Teaching Structures and Planning

Middle school coteachers talk about their approaches to coteaching for the first time.

No additional resources

Option #2: The Magic of Differentiated Assessment and Grading

No Additional Resources

Option #3: Bridging Skill Gaps: How to Support All Learners to Access Grade Level Content

In this video Dr. Julie Causton and Dr. Kristie Pretti-Frontczak talk about a common reason students are segregated and excluded. They talk about presuming competence, the variability of human development, a decision-making framework, and 100 ways to adapt anything.

Links to resources shared during the live broadcast: https://inclusiveschool.s3.amazonaws.com/Definition+of+Inclusion.pdf https://inclusiveschool.s3.amazonaws.com/SLI_checklist.pdf https://inclusiveschool.s3.amazonaws.com/handouts/curr+adapt+decision+making.pdf https://inclusiveschool.s3.amazonaws.com/SLI_100dapatanything.pdf

Option #4: Latest Legal Updates for Serving Students with Disabilities During the Pandemic with Pat Radel

11:00 Covid Discussion Begins (then gets off topic)

15:17 Have schools and entities made changes during Covid

16:02 IDEA does not have a citation for a Pandemic or an extended school closure

16:41 change of placement

18:07 discussion about the possibility of lawsuits and missed/changed services

20:45 FAPE and compensatory services

22:14 Due diligence of school to engage with the student

29:40  4 Main points


31:13 State opening plans IDEA does not speak to homebound instruction for IEP Students

Option #5: Read our Brand NEW ASCD Article

Ready…Set…Success: A Formula for Leading Schools with Love [link to article on ASCD website]

You can also download the article as a pdf here for your own use.




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