We wanted to take some time to celebrate and support YOU for all that you do for your students and colleagues! We were thinking about all the fabulous work you do everyday and wanted to check in, share some inspiration and find out…how is this school year going??

We have put together a list of some of our favorite handouts and wanted to share them with you:

Check out this one to help reduce student stressors and tone down those behaviors before they boil over:

And try this one for those moments of crisis:

Are you filling up your own cup?
This free webinar gives you our best tips to help you maintain your energy and renew each day: 

Are you making time for joy and fun in classrooms? 😍 Check out our handout Hooks & Closures to find tons of ways to increase fun and engagement in class. 

We want to know everything! And most of all, we want to help YOU make this school year the very best yet.