Webinar: 5 Steps for Creating More Inclusive Classrooms

Today we are happy to share Julie’s one hour webinar, Engage Them All: 5 Steps for Creating More Inclusive Classrooms. We’d like to thank the folks over at Brookes Publishing for hosting this event and for granting us permission to share it with you all here.

In this webinar, Julie discusses the following 5 steps for creating more inclusive classrooms:

  1. Get Clear About Inclusion;
  2. Keep Students In;
  3. Collaborate in New Ways;
  4. Support All Academic Levels; and
  5. Provide Humanistic Behavior Supports. 

After watching, we’d love to hear how you are thinking about these steps and what they might mean for your classroom or your child’s classroom. Please leave your questions and ideas in the comments section of this blog post, or, email us at team@inclusiveschooling.com!

Happy Webinar-ing  🙂


[lab_video mp4=”https://s3.amazonaws.com/inclusive/5_steps_to_engaging_learners.mp4″ screencap=””/]