The Circle Makers Academy

This academy is for all circle makers who are educators interested in making wider and wider circles to include more and more students in all academic and social opportunities.

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Circle Makers Summer Academy

How to make wider and wider circles

Participants will receive 100s of practical strategies on how to create inclusive lessons and inclusive schools. Our aim is to shift mindsets, heartsets, and skillsets. Our focus is on all student identities from ability, to race, to gender, culture, and language. You will leave with stronger skills in redesigning lessons, differentiating to create more access points, foster independence and interdependence, supporting students through transitions, working with other team members, and leveraging the power of paraprofessionals, peers, and related service providers.

What is it?

Four days of innovative and  transformative professional development for educational teams with a focus on classroom level supports!

Is it for me?

The answer is YES if you are a Pre-K to 12th grade special and/or general educators interested in moving toward more inclusive opportunities for all students. The academy is also a wonderful fit for paraprofessionals, coaches, and related service provider who, as you know…are key champions of inclusion. 


What do we get?

100s of practical tools, tips, and strategies on how to create inclusive lessons!

Problem-solving techniques that will blow your mind!

Access to a community of like-minded professionals who will provide just-in-time answers to your most pressing questions!

24/7/365 access to the recorded content, handy handouts, and carefully curated resources! 

DR. Kristie Pretti-Frontczak

Will we get recordings

of the LIVE sessions?

Of course!  In fact, you’ll be invited to access a customized dashboard. This dashboard will house recorded LIVE sessions, handy handouts, and links to 100s of podcasts, training videos, infographics and just about any other type of resource you can think of.  If you have ever taken a course with Kristie and Julie– one thing no one who has ever taken our courses said is — I wish we got MORE resources. You will have access to the dashboard forever!

Why should I take this course?

Because we go far beyond philosophy and research. We head straight to the classroom where the rubber ultimately meets the road! This academy is a compilation of our nearly 60 years of combined direct work with educators all over the world. We’ll take on every challenge to creating more inclusive classrooms…and together…we’ll find practical and effective solutions.

When is it?

August 26-27 and Sept. 2-3 from 10-4pm Eastern Time. All LIVE sessions will be recorded.



What People are Saying

“We all need to keep bending lines and drawing more circles!”
“So thankful these talented ladies created this work of art!!!!”
“A must for everyone that cares about our educational system.
“I am now more aware and intentional about how to tap into the needs of diverse learners”



Have a question before you join?


What if I can't attend the live sessions?

You will get lifetime access to the recorded sessions. So no worries if you have other things you’d like to do this summer. Join us live for all or some of each live dates, wait until your kids are asleep and binge watch, or you can check-it out as part of an existing PLC organized by your district or program. 

Will the live sessions be recorded?

Yep! And you’ll have lifetime access to all of the live sessions. Each live session will be posted to your dashboard within 48 hours of the live event.

Where will it be?

We’ll be live via the ZOOM app. But don’t worry! If you are zoomed out…this isn’t your typical ZOOM meeting or boring professional development. We promise!

You can turn your camera on or or leave it off. You can sit on your couch, or bed, or at your kitchen table. The dress code is comfy and we plan on having tons of fun.

What do I need to do to prepare?

No preparation necessary. Come with your biggest challenges to inclusion for all and we will help you find solutions and support.

Feel free to bring your coffee, wear your PJs, heck have a mimosa. Just be ready to learn inclusive strategies, structures, and be inspired by what is possible!

We’ll invite you to a customized and private dashboard ahead time. You are welcome to explore or just take a peek. You’ll also be invited to a private Facebook community. You can join at any time.

What will you cover?

Here is an overview of each of the sessions, though they are subject to change. Click here for the full schedule.

  • August 26 – Day 1 – Circle Makers: The What, Why, and How of Inclusion
  • August 27 – Day 2 – The Magic of Differentiation & How to Create Access Points
  • September 2 – Day 3 – Collaboration and Co-Teaching to Widen Circles of Inclusion
  • September 3 – Day 4 – Supporting Students with Behavior that Challenges Us
What if I have to cancel?

With our virtual events, we don’t process refunds. Because everything is recorded and you’ll have access to all the content upon registering. If you have questions, contact Dr. Kristie Pretti-Frontczak directly at