As you walk from classroom to classroom, are you awed by the incredible educators in your district, yet sometimes cringe at the out-dated instructional practices you see?

Do you shudder when you see worksheets on worksheets,  packets, lectures and raise-and-responds and pencil paper tests as the most common teaching practices? And then, are you NOT surprised when those same teachers say Inclusion is too hard?

It is true, it is difficult to include students with more significant needs when educators are relying on outdated teaching practices.  

Like many other educational leaders, you know there is a better way to teach and reach all students. 

You are searching for ways to change the mindset, heart set, and skill set of your staff…to make your dream of inclusion a reality. 

You are looking for something that will give all educators exactly what they need. Something that addresses their wildly varying beliefs about inclusion, their knowledge of inclusive education, and something that respects their diverse needs and interests but actually changes practices!

You are ready to move the district away from outdated instructional practices that limit the possibilities for so many students. We are here to help.

Our Story

We, Dr. Kristie Pretti-Frontczak and Dr. Julie Causton (Kristie and Julie) have dedicated our lives to studying and reimagining special education, to teaching administrators and educators HOW to create inclusive schools, and to find the essential ingredients that make a school inclusive. 

Today, we spend every minute as a magical co-teaching duo, offering PD that addresses the unique needs of staff, and gives answers to courageous leaders like you who are on a quest to create inclusive schools!

Before diving into our PD solutions, we invite you to imagine yourself as a leader of a truly inclusive school system. Start by picturing in your mind, what that school would look like, sound like, and feel like. 

Imagine if…

  • Everyone in your district understands why inclusive education is better. 
  • There is no longer a need for resource rooms or self-contained rooms.
  • All teachers expect and embrace a wide range of learners.
  • Differentiation is part of every classroom – every lesson – every day.
  • Your teachers understand HOW to effectively and efficiently co-teach.
  • Student behaviors are supported in loving and caring ways. 
  • Students with and without disabilities have greatly improved academic and social outcomes. 
  • AND…you have your professional development planned for an entire year.

    General Education Inclusive Teaching EssentialsEVERYONE GETS WHAT THEY NEED WHEN THEY NEED IT. 

    Introducing General Education Inclusive Teaching Essentials – the solution to your professional development needs around creating inclusive schools! 

    At the heart of General Education Inclusive Teaching Essentials is the belief that students with disabilities have the right to be educated thoughtfully in general education classrooms with meaningful access to general education content and full engagement with peers.

    Our beliefs are deeply supported in U.S. Federal law, scholarly research on the academic, social, and behavioral benefits of inclusive education, and most importantly, the lived experiences of disabled people.

    But it goes beyond theories and beliefs. General Education Inclusive Teaching Essentials evolved from our combined 100,000 hours of designing and delivering professional development and helping schools become inclusive. 

    We have taken the most powerful practices from what we learned as researchers, professors, and professional development providers, culled it, organized it, and boiled it down to the essential ingredients, and created an invaluable PD offering.

    General Education Inclusive Teaching Essentials are…

    Engaging – contemporary – and ready NOW. These Teaching Essentials provide your staff with alternatives to outdated teaching practices that, let's be honest, aren’t working for most students, not just those with disabilities labels. 

    There are 7 General Education Inclusive Teaching Essentials – each provides specific strategies to engage more students, reach more students, and address the range of students.

    What you get

    We know that effective PD must be practical, designed by experts, differentiated, provide just-in-time solutions, and allow educators the opportunity to tap into their lived experiences and seek solutions.

    We also know that in a content-heavy and fast-paced world, educators need respectful PD targeting the issues they face, allowing them to put things into practice immediately and giving them feasible solutions.

    Here’s What You And Everyone In Your Districts Gets:

    • 7 comprehensive and flexible General Education Inclusive Teaching Essentials co-taught by Dr. Julie Causton and Dr. Kristie Pretti-Frontczak
    • The sessions include videos with closed captioning 
    • Each video comes with Key PPTs and downloadable handouts across sessions
    • A facilitator’s guide with many fun (and effective) options for how to roll out General Education Inclusive Teaching Essentials
    • Suggestions for using the General Education Inclusive Teaching Essentials during a variety of PD situations from staff meetings to PLCs
    • Emails from us with check-ins, new ideas, troubleshooting, success stories to learn from others, and ideas to maintain momentum
    • Effective inclusion-related PD for the year for on-boarding of new staff, and for taking all current staff to the next level in their practice
    • Unlimited lifetime access to the PD (investment is a one-time process)
    • Built-in accountability through embedded application and reflection segments
    • Four learning reflection and application guides to support adult learners to make choices in their learning and to increase accountability
    • Customized district content hub that is password-protected
    • Certificate of completion for each staff member

    Table of contents

    #1 Elevate Beyond the Raise and Respond

    Description: Learn 19 all-response strategies to help every student learn. Gone are the days of relying solely on the raise-and-respond method, which has proven to be one of the least effective ways to capture student engagement. In this transformative class, educators will discover a repertoire of engaging strategies that transcend traditional teaching norms. In this session, you will unlock a toolbox of techniques designed to foster active participation and cultivate a vibrant learning environment.

    Length: 35:01

    #2 12 Ways to Shake Up a Lecture

    Description: Break free from traditional teaching methods and discover innovative approaches that ignite student engagement and deepen learning. Explore interactive strategies, and collaborative learning techniques that transcend the confines of the lecture format. Join us to revolutionize your Tier 1 instruction and create a vibrant classroom where students actively participate, think critically, and thrive in their educational journey.

    Length: 15:40

    #3 Small Groups, Big Impact: Elevating General Education Instructional Practices

    Description: In this session, we bring the power of heterogeneous grouping to life! Imagine classrooms buzzing with engagement, where every student's unique abilities and backgrounds are celebrated. In this session, we'll show you how small groups, thoughtfully designed, can be a game-changer. Discover practical strategies that turn diverse talents into collaborative superpowers, making learning engaging and meaningful for all.

    Length: 31:18

    #4 Empowering Learners: 101 Ways to Incorporate Choice in Any Lesson

    Description: In today's diverse classrooms, students possess unique interests, learning styles, and strengths. In our role as educators, creating engaging and effective instruction involves recognizing the importance of student agency and choice. In this training video educators discover innovative strategies to infuse student choice into their teaching approach. This session focuses on equipping educators with an extensive toolbox of techniques that foster a sense of ownership and motivation within students while aligning with essential curriculum objectives. Gain practical insights into transforming your classroom environment into a space where students feel empowered to make meaningful decisions about their learning.

    Length: 34:26

    #5 Beyond Treats and Timeouts: Classroom Strategies for Supporting Positive Student Behavior

    Description: In this session, discover not only innovative behavior techniques but also surprising Tier 1 stress reduction methods and valuable lifelines that promote a harmonious classroom. Explore interactive engagement approaches that captivate minds, while unveiling unexpected ways to create neurological safety. You will learn how to transform your classroom into a thriving and safe harbor where surprising strategies merge to foster engagement, inclusion, and student success. 

    Length: 35:32

    #6 From Idle Time to Inspired Minds: Supporting Fast Finishers and Independent Learners

    Description: In this transformative session, you'll discover how to harness the potential of fast finishers and independent thinkers. Explore innovative strategies that redirect idle moments into opportunities for exploration, creativity, and self-driven learning. In this session, you’ll uncover ways to foster a dynamic classroom environment where every student's curiosity is nurtured, and fast finishers and independent learners are empowered to reach new heights of discovery and achievement.

    Length: 21:31

    #7 Unsticking: How To Support Any Learner When They Are Stuck

    Description: This session is designed to equip educators with invaluable tools to assist students through challenges and when they struggle with learning. Dive into the Zig Zag Equalizer, a dynamic approach that helps you find quick alternative routes to achieving desired student outcomes. Discover the Prompting Ladder, a strategic framework designed to provide graduated prompts that scaffold learners’ progress from uncertainty to understanding. In this session, you’ll learn how to tailor both techniques to diverse learners, fostering resilience, confidence, and independence in navigating hurdles.

    Length: 32:24

    We get it…you may be leery of investing more time and money because you’ve tried so many things that haven’t produced results.

    You’ve hired inspirational keynote speakers for top dollar, but haven’t seen changes in day-to-day practice.

    You’ve conducted surveys and focus groups to help get everyone on the same page, but still most staff are not on board.

    You’ve hired coaches to solve this problem, but the suggestions are often conflicting and it seems some coaches don’t actually believe in inclusion.

    You’ve had an extensive equity audit to help push staff toward inclusion, but the report just sits there collecting dust. 

    You’ve accessed your local technical assistance, but haven’t seen the inclusion needle move or outcomes for students improve.

    What is it WORTH TO YOU to have…

    • truly inclusive classrooms where diversity is embraced, uniqueness is celebrated, and all students are on a path to success
    • quality tier one instruction
    • educators feeling respected, supported, and prepared to reach and teach all learners
    • improved achievement of students with disabilities and those without
    • access to world-recognized inclusion experts who have a proven record of creating true change in school systems  
    • your inbox is full of love and appreciation from staff after diving into the General Education Inclusive Teaching Essentials

    the best investment

    The one-time investment for a district-wide license.

    General Education Inclusive Teaching Essentials is available for district-wide and program-wide license and includes: 

    • 12+ hours of on-demand PD
    • Practical and  downloadable handouts
    • A facilitator’s guide


    GET Gen Ed Essentials


    Satisfaction guarantee

    We don't just promise satisfaction—we guarantee results! If you struggle in any way to roll General Education Inclusive Teaching Essentials out, we’ll meet with you and your team for 1 hour to problem-solve and engage in exploring possibilities…for free. We're that confident in our solution.

    You can also invest risk-free because our commitment to quality lasts a lifetime and we’ll make sure the content remains accessible to your staff for a lifetime. Check out our terms here.

    Lastly, we're so sure you'll love General Education Inclusive Teaching Essentials that it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you're not delighted with your purchase, simply return it for a full refund—no questions asked.

    Here is exactly what happens after you purchase…

    1. You will receive an immediate email offering congratulations on your wise and life-changing PD. 
    2. Upon investing in a district-wide license, you get immediate access to a customized and password protected dashboard. This dashboard serves as the online content hub for all videos, supplemental resources, instructional materials, and handouts. The dashboard provides you and your team with a one-stop place to access at their own pace and on their own schedule, or in alignment with the schedule you put forth.

     And don’t worry, we will be an email away if you have any questions at all.

    Who’s Right for General Education Inclusive Teaching Essentials?

    If you…

    • See traditional teaching practices like lectures, packets, and handouts all day long
    • Have outdated special education classrooms and want to change
    • See outdated instructional practices
    • Are ready for the tier-one instruction to be better for everyone
    • Are searching for professional development that fits your school calendar and staff needs

    Will you continue to lead a system that doesn’t match your values until you retire?  

    Or will you courageously lead this work to change the practices of general education teachers to teach in new innovative ways thus changing the lives of your students and leaving a legacy of inclusion behind? 


    GET Gen Ed Essentials



    Is this just for special education teachers?

    No, General Education Inclusive Teaching Essentials is for ALL educators including general educators, special educators, and related service providers. We just created these from the perspective of ensuring high-quality tier-one lessons to begin with.No, Inclusion-Bytes is for ALL educators including general educators, special educators, and related service providers.

    What grade levels are General Education Inclusive Teaching Essentials appropriate for?

    General Education Inclusive Teaching Essentials is for all Pre-K- 12 educators and includes resources and examples that are unique to preschool, elementary, middle, and high school settings.

    How many hours of PD does General Education Inclusive Teaching Essentials Cover?

    The 7 General Education Inclusive Teaching Essentials include about three and a half hours of recorded content by Dr. Julie Causton and Dr. Kristie Pretti-Frontczak. Several other videos, podcasts, blogs, and handouts can extend the learning across the sessions. You have lifetime access to the content so you can go slow and cover the 7 sessions across years, or dive in and complete all in a school year.

    Can everyone in my district access the General Education Inclusive Teaching Essentials?

    Yes, this is designed for an entire district so that all staff can have access to the same professional development.

    Is it designed for people to go on their own, or can we all learn together?

    General Education Inclusive Teaching Essentials is designed in a convenient and flexible way so that educators can access the video sessions and resources at their own pace OR educators can learn together and leaders can build in time for group discussion and activities.

    When do General Education Inclusive Teaching Essentials begin and end?

     Educators can begin at any time and will have immediate and unlimited access to content and materials. That means they can move through the course at their own pace or at a scheduled time to be determined by administrators.

    How long will we have access to the PD?

    You will have lifetime access to the General Education Inclusive Teaching Essentials. This way you are able to use and reuse the content every year with all of your new or returning staff. No renewal fees either!

    Are there accountability measures built in for educators?

    Yep. At the end of each session, we include an “Application and Reflection” segment that can be used in a variety of ways (e.g., write their application and reflection and submit it to a school leader, discuss their application and reflection with another educator in the group setting, create a video of themselves applying the skill or strategy in the classroom)

    General Education Inclusive Teaching Essentials also includes four different choices to support reflection and application of learning. They are designed for different learning styles — because choice is the friend of inclusion!


    Need to Start Small?

    Purchase "The Inclusive Engagement Starter Kit" and promote equal engagement among all students. Experience the benefits
    before committing to a full training program.

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