The Inclusive Engagement Starter Kit Individual Seat License

Transform your teaching with “The Inclusive Engagement Starter Kit.” This resource helps teachers get all students involved and create an inclusive classroom. It offers new tools and methods to move beyond the usual raise-your-hand approach, making sure every student can join in and do well.


Product Details

Transform your teaching with The Inclusive Engagement Starter Kit, a powerful resource for fostering student engagement and inclusivity. This kit offers:

  • Expert-led videos and detailed handouts.
  • Innovative strategies and practical tools.
  • Dynamic resources for a vibrant learning environment.

Inside, you'll find:

  • "Elevating Beyond the Raise and Respond" video and PowerPoint slides.
  • The guide "Elevating Beyond the Raise and Respond: 19 Fabulous Alternatives."
  • Bonus materials: "Lesson Hooks & Closures" download, "Lesson Design Checklist," and "How to Design a Socratic Seminar" video.

Ideal for educators who want to enhance engagement, promote inclusivity, and help every student shine.

What do I do if I want to purchase?

  1. Add to your cart and check out or contact Liz ( to process a PO
  2. Once you have ordered, you will receive an email with the link to have full access to the kit.
  3. You will have personal and unlimited access for a lifetime. Review our Individual Premium Licensing Terms.

The Kit is designed to bring about the following benefits to you and your students!

✨ Better Student Engagement: Uses new strategies to make learning fun and interactive.

✨ Varied Teaching Methods: Provides different ways to teach, helping all kinds of learners.

✨ Easy to Use: Comes with handouts and resources that you can simply add to your lessons.

✨ Expert Advice: Offers videos with tips from experienced teachers.

✨ Creative Lessons: Helps you plan fun starts and ends to your lessons.

✨ Teamwork: Supports sharing tasks among co-teachers and aides to improve teamwork.

✨ Critical Thinking: Includes tools to boost deep thinking and great discussions.