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Inclusion-Bytes covers everything educators need to know and be able to do in order to create an inclusive classroom. It is a cutting-edge series created by renowned inclusion experts to support and empower PreK-12 inclusive educators with byte-sized, accessible, flexible learning experiences grounded in adult learning principles. Each “Byte” falls under four categories 1. Essential Bytes; 2. Differentiation Bytes; 3. Behavior Bytes; and 4. Co-Teaching Bytes. There are 20 IB, plus 4 more for leaders. Each IB is about 30 minutes and comes with tons of downloadable and reusable resources. Click here for a listing of all the Bytes.

Circles from the Start On-Demand Series helps early educators create inclusive classrooms. Discover the power of inclusive education from the very beginning of school and unlock the full potential of each and every young child with Circles from the Start. This innovative and comprehensive professional development series is designed to enhance the co-teaching skills of early childhood educators, promote play-based learning, and create inclusive experiences where every child thrives. Each expert-led session includes valuable resources and key strategies. The on-demand series includes 12 recroded sessions (each is about an hour long), 100s of downloadable and reusable resources, two bonus sessions, and a certificate of completion. Click here for a summary of all 12 training videos.

Para-Bytes are an essential professional development series for teaching paraprofessional EVERYTHING they need to know to provide incredible inclusive support to all students. Para-Bytes include 24 byte-sized videos organized into four big categories (Foundational Practices, Academic Strategies, Behavioral Strategies, and How to Support Independence, Interdependence, and the Need to Belong). Go to the sample site to check out all of the amazing topics covered. Click here to access the Table of Contents that outlines all 24 Bytes and corresponding handout titles.