Training for

PreK-12 Paraprofessionals

Tutorial of Course Content

Your Instructors

Dr. Julie Causton

Dr. Kristie Pretti-Frontczak

Rarely is there time for paraprofessionals
to receive the training and support
they need to work with children and students on IEPs.


Even more rare is professional development
with practical strategies that can be applied
to all of the students in the district…
from Pre-K through 12th grade.


Now is the time to invest
in an entire workforce…
a workforce who holds the key
to successful inclusion of all children and students.

Act now and take advantage of highly acclaimed training for paraprofessionals.


Vicki R.

“Thank you…this class was awesome!  It re-enforced things I already do, and showed me how to improve my actions.”

Pam L.

“I am loving the para course! You two are incredible! I’m learning a lot!

Thank you so much!”


A Paraprofessional

“First of all I want to say, I am loving these courses! Thanks for making the content so thorough and practical for us.


A Paraprofessional

EXCELLENT session last Friday! I am gaining so much information. I’m so glad I signed up.

I hope to be able to sign up for more after this one is done.


What’s Included:

  • In-Depth Paraprofessional Training: Four recorded trainings with Dr. Julie Causton & Dr. Kristie Pretti-Frontczak. Each session is from 45 to 90 minutes in length with prompts for reflection, discussion, and even when to take a screen break.
  • Connection: Instant access to a private Facebook Group for networking with paraprofessionals from all over the world.
  • Relaxed Learning: Lifetime access to practical PreK-12 tips!
  • Certificate of completion: You receive 5 competency credits or 10 hours.
  • A Variety of Learning Tools: Video, audio recordings, transcripts, key PPT slides, AND a packet of handouts with practical printables for each session.
  • Pre-learning content so you can get up to speed before diving into each of the four sessions.
  • FAQ- Recording where we’ve answered every common question you have around the material, like why aren’t paras invited to IEP meetings?
  • A library of related resources so you have additional material to explore and learn from other blogs, podcasts, videos, etc.


Graphic records for the key ideas for each session

Session 1

Going Beyond the Labels

Session 2

Helping Kids Become Independent

Session 3

Decoding the ABCs of the IEP

Session 4

Dealing with Big Emotions


When does the class begin and end?

You can start any time and will have immediate access to course content. That means you can move through the course at your own pace and even save it for the next school year. You have lifetime access to the course content.

Do I have to complete the course by a particular date?

We’ll encourage you to take on a different topic each week for four weeks. However, it is totally up to you as quickly or how slowly you make you way through the content. 

There are no quizzes or assignments. You will receive a certificate on a good faith effort four weeks after you enroll.

What do I get when I enroll?

You will receive a welcome email that will outline everything you need to know.

You will also receive an email that gives you immediate access to the course dashboard and ALL the content.

You will be invited to a private FaceBook group too!

Can I share the course materials with others?

Yes, you can share everything with other team members. We do ask, however, that you not give others full access to the course dashboard. If there are other paraprofessionals or colleagues who are interested, please have them contact us for their own course access.

How long do I have access to the sessions?

Participants have lifetime access to the course dashboard, which includes the recorded videos, audio only files, transcripts, key PPT slides to print, and session-by-session handout packets with all the practical tools to use and reuse.

I would need to purchase the on-demand series for a group of paraprofessionals, does this have to be done individually?

No, You can purchase for a group of any size using a district credit card or purchase order. After your purchase you’ll then be asked to share the names and emails of each of the participants. We’ll take it from there. If you want to use a purchase order, contact Dr. Kristie Pretti-Frontczak directly.

How can I get employer support to enroll?
  • Discuss the knowledge you will gain from participating and how it will benefit your work, organization/district, colleagues, and the children/students you serve specifically.
  • Offer to prepare and deliver a short presentation and Q&A session to your colleagues to share what you learn, so others in your work setting can benefit.
  • Make a list of goals you will accomplish and how achieving them will be an asset to your work and help promote inclusion.

You can also use the following template to write an email to your employer:

Dear INSERT name of employer or supervisor,

In order to be more effective in promoting inclusion and teaching students with diverse abilities in our district, I’d like to take an online series taught by inclusion experts Dr. Julie Causton and Dr. Kristie Pretti-Frontczak.

This online series will give me the skills I need to:

  • See children and students from a place of strengths
  • Ensure children and students are more independent
  • Play a meaningful role in the development of IFSPs/IEPs
  • Support children and students with behaviors that are challenging

The overall outcome of this course is to increase my effectiveness as a paraprofessional from PreK-12 and boost student engagement, which I know are values of our district. 

The online series, which includes four topical sessions and 24/7 access to a community of other paraprofessionals from across the world is only $49.00. The course dashboard will include the recorded videos, audio only files, transcripts, key PPT slides to print, and session-by-session handout packets with all the practical tools I can use and reuse.

There are options for registering multiple paraprofessionals at a time if you prefer to have a group of us take the training together. You can read more about what’s included here.

Thank you for considering my request,

INSERT your name


I need up to 40 hours of professional development. How many does this course offer?

You will receive 10 hours of professional development from this course and a certificate. For K-12 paraprofessionals, we recommend you follow- up with this course by taking Dr. Julie Causton’s “The Inspired Paraprofessional” course. It will provide an additional 30 hours. For early childhood paraprofessionals…say tuned. We have a new book coming out soon and a series of books studies and webinars.

registration Now Open • $129/person

Click the image below to download a gift from us…

a printable paraprofessional job description poster!