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1. Email questions@inclusiveschooling.com anytime if you need help.

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3. The recordings will be posted within 48 hours of the live session. See the “Session Overview & Video Recordings” section below.

4. You are invited to join a private Facebook group to stay connected and network with other teams.


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How to Prepare for the Live Sessions

Before each live session read the suggested sections of 30 Day to the Co-Taught Classroom. If you need to purchase the book, click here.


Then come on over to our private Facebook group and share you questions, reflections, and key take-aways.

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SCHEDULE: Quick Links

June 5 • 3:00 pm ET

Connecting & Creating a Vision 

June 12 • 3:00 pm ET

The Musts of Co-Planning

June 19 • 3:00 pm et

Beyond Duet & Parallel Teaching

June 26 • 3:00 pm et

Celebrating & Reflecting


June 29 • 3:00 pm et

Optional Q&A


Session Overviews & Video Recordings

June 5: Connecting & Creating a Vision

In this first session, we will help you connect to your co-teacher, set your expectations, and learn about the “why” and “how” of sharing the news of your partnership. We will also help you to create a vision of the ideal co-taught classroom and set collaborative goals for your students and your team.


You will learn:

  • the “why” behind relationship building (it's probably not what you think)
  • how a shared vision can transform your practice
  • why it's important to let stakeholders know about your team
  • how to develop concrete goals for your partnership

Recording from Live Session 1 (June 5th)

Session 1 - Resources

  • 30 Days to the Co-Taught Classroom (pp. 1-40)

key PPT slides:

  • Session 1 [pdf]


  • Include, Belong, Learn (Causton-Theorharis & Theoharis, 2010) [article]
  • Big Data Comes to the Office (Pentland, 2014) [link]
  • Do as we say and as we do: Teaching and modeling collaborative practice in the university classroom [pdf]
  • The Experimental Generation of Interpersonal Closeness [article]
  • 36 Questions to Bring You Closer Together [blog]
  • New Study Says This Simple Step Will Increase the Odds of Achieving Your Goals (Substantially) [link]
  • “Off the Page”: Co-Teaching Goals [link]


  • Day 1: 20 Questions [pdf]
  • Day 1: Team Building Checklist [pdf]
  • Day 2: Classroom Vision [pdf]
  • Day 3: Goal Setting [pdf]

June 12: The Musts of Co-Planning

It’s Session 2–be sure to be on time and come with an agenda, because we are talking about planning. In this hour, we will help you find time to co-plan, offer ideas to make your meetings as effective and efficient as possible, and share 3 planning hacks/tools no team should be without. We will also discuss the power of norms and habits and give you ideas for using them in the planning room and beyond!

You will learn:

  • how to find plan time
  • several co-planning ideas and three critical “hacks” you need
  • one of Paula’s favorite tips: “planning in patterns”
  • how to use norms & habits in your planning meetings and in your collaborative conversations

Recording from Live Session 2 (June 12th)

Session 2 - Resources

  • 30 Days to the Co-Taught Classroom (pp. 43-101)

key PPT slides:

  • Session 2 [pdf]


  • 8 Stand-up Meeting Ideas to Try with Your Team [link]


  • Day 6 Co-teaching Role Cards [pdf]
  • Day 6 Do Not Disturb Sign [pdf]
  • Day 7 Co-Teaching Meeting Dos & Don't [pdf]
  • Day 7 Power Phrases for Positive & Productive Meetings [pdf]
  • Day 8 Team Meeting Notes [pdf]
  • Day 8 Team Meeting Notes complete [pdf]

June 19: Beyond Duet & Parallel Teaching

Most co-teachers are comfortable with duet teaching and one-teach/one-assist. Unfortunately, however, those models are the least effective when it comes to teaching diverse groups of students in inclusive classrooms. In Session 3, we will examine all of the co-teaching structures and emphasize those that provide ample opportunities for teachers to differentiate instruction and provide powerful supports (e.g., station teaching, one teach/one make multi-sensory, anchoring). You won’t want to miss the session—it includes puppets, a plush microphone, and a costume change or two!

You will learn:

  • cautions and benefits of several different co-teaching structures
  • tips for using parallel teaching, station teaching and one-teach/one make multi-sensory to meet the needs of all
  • how and why to use one teach/one observe
  • Julie’s secrets for “shaking up” lesson formats & strategies to reach all students

Recording from Live Session 3 (June 19th)

Session 3 - Resources

  • 30 Days to the Co-Taught Classroom (pp. 103-161)

key PPT slides:

  • Session 3 [pdf]
  • Session 3 chat [txt]


  • Day 14-20 Ideas for One Teach/One Make Multi-sensory [pdf]
  • Day 15-20 Ideas for Parallel Teaching [pdf]
  • Day 15 Responses to Parallel Objections [pdf]
  • Day 16 Station Teaching Activity Ideas [pdf]
  • Day 16 Responses to Station Teaching Objections [pdf]

parallel teaching-kindergarten (literacy lesson) [link]
parallel teaching-elementary (mini-lesson) [link]
parallel teaching-HS science (discussions) [link]
sketchnoting “Whys” & “Hows”: My Pencil Made Me Do It [link]
station teaching-1st grade (literacy lesson) [link]
station teaching-art [link]
station teaching-HS (chat stations) [link]

June 26: Celebrating & Reflecting

In the final session, we share strategies on how to make celebration and reflection a part of your daily routine. We want you to feel inspired as a result of this training, so we will discuss ways to keep improving and growing together (e.g., learning from one another, sharing your story with colleagues). Specifically, we will be reviewing over a dozen ways to assess the effectiveness of your team and a whole host of ideas for keeping energy high in the classroom all year long. During this session we’ll also show you how to make time to cheer for your accomplishments…large or small. Grab your party hat and some streamers and get ready to celebrate!

You will learn:

  • more than a dozen ways to evaluate your partnership
  • to keep energy high all year long
  • why you should cheer for all have learned
  • how to determine your “next steps”

Recording from Live Session 4 (June 26th)

Session 4 - Resources


  • 30 Days to the Co-Taught Classroom (pp. 163-254)
  • Community Referenced Instruction [pdf]
  • Innovation Day 2011 [link to blog]

key PPT slides:

  • Session 4 [pdf]


Day 20 Doodling & Drawing Ideas [pdf]
Day 21 Lesson Plan Template [pdf]
Day 21 Lesson Plan Template Example [pdf]
Day 21 Lesson Plan: Visual [pdf]
Day 28 Vows [pdf]
10 Ways to Co-Teach in the VIRTUAL CLASSROOM [pdf]


“Off the Page”: Celebrate! [link]
Co-Teaching Top 10 Tips [link]
Innovation day video [link


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Question: Where can I find the ZOOM link to join the live sessions?
Answer: The ZOOM link is the same for all live sessions. See the Schedule Quick Links section of the dashboard.

Here is the full Zoom Meeting Invitation in case you need to call in.

Meeting ID: 886 0337 9968
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Meeting ID: 886 0337 9968
Password: 142358
Find your local number: https://us02web.zoom.us/u/kexAV4vwZr

Question: What happens if I can't attend one of the live sessions or have to leave early?
Answer: Not much actually. We aren't taking attendance and know you all have other responsibilities. Come and go as you need. You can always watch the recorded sessions within 48 hours of us gathering live.
Question: What should I do if I have tech issues during a live session?
Answer: Depending upon the technology issue, we can try and help you troubleshoot. Given all the variables, however, our ability to troubleshoot is limited. Please review a tutorial or two ahead of time if you are new to ZOOM. You can also email us and someone from our team will get back to you ASAP. Know that we are unable to respond to emails one hour before live sessions.
Question: Can I participate in the live session on my phone or do I have to be on a computer?
Answer: You can participate on any computer connected to the Internet and any device that has the ZOOM app. You can even “call-in” on a landline; however, you won't be able to see others, use the chat, or see what we share on our screen. You will however, have access to the handouts and the recorded session.
Question: Will I receive a certificate for participating in this course?
Answer: Yes! The certificate will be for 25 hours of continuing education credit.
Question: When will I receive my certificate?
Answer: After our final live session a PDF of the certificate will be posted to the course dashboard that you can download. You'll need to print and enter your name.
Question: Can I share the course information with others on my team (e.g., families, teachers, other paraprofessionals)?
Answer: Yes, you can share everything with other team members. We do ask, however, that you not give others full access to the course dashboard. If there are other co-teachers who are interested, please have them contact us to save a seat for the next time the course is offered.
Question: Do I need permission to make copies of the information shared in the course?
Answer: Not for the most part. While course resources are copyright protected, we have permission to share with you for individual use. If you want to make lots of copies of a resource or share a considerable number of resources with lots of other people, check with us first and we'll make sure you are set.
Question: Will the slides be shared with everyone via email after the fact?
Answer: Any resources shared during the live event, including key PPT slides will be posted to the course dashboard within 48 hours of the live session. Everything you need will always be found on the dashboard. We'll also let you know when the dashboard has been updated vis the private FaceBook group.
Question: Do we get a new meeting # next week with pw or will it be the same?
Answer: The link for ZOOM link and password are 100% the same for the entire course.

Can't find what you're looking for? Email questions@inclusiveschooling.com for help.