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Session 1: March 6: Connecting & Creating a Vision

Session 1 Recording [Vimeo] [YouTube with CC]

Q&A Document [DRIVE link]

Handouts (From 30 Days to the Co-Taught Classroom)

  • Day 1: 20 Questions [pdf]
  • Day 1: Team Building Checklist [pdf]
  • Day 2: Classroom Vision [pdf]
  • Day 3: Goal Setting [pdf]


  • Turning Problems Into Possibilities [blog]
  • Triggering the PEA (examples) [Google DRIVE doc]
  • Offering Lifelines [blog]
  • Include, Belong, Learn (Causton-Theorharis & Theoharis, 2010) [article]
  • Big Data Comes to the Office (Pentland, 2014) [link]
  • Do as we say and as we do: Teaching and modeling collaborative practice in the university classroom [pdf]
  • The Experimental Generation of Interpersonal Closeness [article]
  • 36 Questions to Bring You Closer Together [blog]
  • New Study Says This Simple Step Will Increase the Odds of Achieving Your Goals (Substantially) [link]
  • “Off the Page”: Co-Teaching Goals [link]
  • Attachment Science and the 4 S's (8:25) [audio]
  • Attachment Science and the 4 S's long version (53:06) [video]

Shared During Session #1:

Session 2: March 13: The Musts of Co-Planning

Session 2 Recording [Vimeo] [YouTube with CC]

Q&A Document [DRIVE link] + Info on Gender as an Identiy

Handouts (From 30 Days to the Co-Taught Classroom)

  • Day 5: Making Time When There Isn’t Time [pdf]
  • Day 6 Co-teaching Role Cards [pdf]
  • Day 6 Do Not Disturb Sign [pdf]
  • Day 7 Co-Teaching Meeting Dos & Don’t [pdf]
  • Day 7 Power Phrases for Positive & Productive Meetings [pdf]
  • Day 8 Team Meeting Notes [pdf]
  • Day 8 Team Meeting Notes complete [pdf]
  • Day 14 Ideas for One Teach/One Make Multi-sensory [pdf]
  • Day 15-20 Ideas for Parallel Teaching [pdf]
  • Day 15 Responses to Parallel Objections [pdf]
  • Day 16 Station Teaching Activity Ideas [pdf]
  • Day 16 Responses to Station Teaching Objections [pdf]
  • Day 20 Doodling & Drawing Ideas [pdf]
  • Day 21 Lesson Plan Template [pdf]
  • Day 21 Lesson Plan Example (pg. 2) [pdf]
  • Day 21 Lesson Plan Visual Format [pdf]

Other Resources

  • 140 Ways To Support Students Virtually [pdf]
  • 10 Ways to Co-Teach in the VIRTUAL CLASSROOM [pdf]
  • Lesson Planning Templates [pdf]


  • Dos and Don'ts of Virtual Teaching [Viemo]
  • parallel teaching-kindergarten (literacy lesson) [link]
  • parallel teaching-elementary (mini-lesson) [link]
  • parallel teaching-HS science (discussions) [link]
  • sketchnoting “Whys” & “Hows”: My Pencil Made Me Do It [link]
  • station teaching-1st grade (literacy lesson) [link]
  • station teaching-art [link]
  • station teaching-HS (chat stations) [link]

Resources Shared During Session 2

  • 10 things we do to build relationships with children and colleagues [pdf]
  • How to use a Rubber Chicken in your classroom [blog]
  • A Teacher’s Contract” poem [link]

Ideas from “The Real World”

Session 3: March 20: Beyond Duet & Parallel Teaching

Session 3 Recording [Vimeo] [YouTube with CC]

Q&A Document [DRIVE link]

Handouts (From 30 Days to the Co-Taught Classroom)

  • Day 21 Lesson Plan Template [pdf]

Other Resources


  • List of movements for all ages [Facebook live broadcast]
  • Job Chart [ [Facebook live broadcast]


Resources Shared During Session 3

Question Shower

  • How much wood would a woodchuck chuck?
  • What would your superpower be?
  • What is the most boring thing about you?
  • What is the strangest thing you have in your refrigerator?
  • Top ten cereals and why
  • What’s your favorite weird food combination?
  • What song would represent your life?
  • Weirdest smell
  • What type of dog matches your personality the best
  • What is your binge-worthing tv show?
  • If you could be an animal, what kind of animal would you be and why?
  • If Meta Knight was real, who would he sword fight?

Shared Links

Workbook of Human Superpowers: https://www.amazon.com/Workbook-Human-Superpowers-Mayra-Porrata/dp/1523996269

Too Much Unicorn: https://www.amazon.com/Too-Much-Unicorn-Julie-Causton/dp/0578443740/

Ideas from “The Real World” (co-teachers)

  • Anticipating Barriers and Planning for Access Points [pdf]
  • Teaching/Classroom Beliefs [pdf]
  • Perfecting Parallel Teaching [pdf]

Top 5 Things I’ve Learned

My top 5 things I have learned is: 1. One teach, one make multisensory 2. Different tips and real life models of how to make virtual instruction better suited to co-teaching 3. PEA 4. The importance of providing choice (I really liked the PIG- Partner, individual, group idea) and 5. Better planning techniques

My top 5 ideas so far (not really in order): 1) Stepping Stones (we turned our Covid Markers into division vocabulary for our first day of class) 2) One teach-one make multisensory as a different co-teaching model. 3) More specifically, having one teacher act as a gameshow host. 4) Creating more specific roles during planning time and having times an agenda with times! 5) Finding more ways to be silly/have fun with teaching.

co teaching needs time to plan, props are so much fun, being silly can engage the kids, PEA, celebrate

Challenge of co-teaching is planning time.  Ways to address this: 1) student-free planning times such during preps 2)  leader created planning time such as PLCs 3) Roving subs to cover classes while teachers meet 4) pay for planning outside the day 5) eliminate other duties (i.e. bus duty) by paying  support staff (page 35)

Starters 2. Is a hotdog a sandwich 3. In what ways might we… 4. that we are doing very well as co-teachers being only our second year 5. I think my co-teacher and I need to do a better job of celebrating, we get stuck always wondering what we need to do differently for those who are still struggling in some way

Learned so far/reminders…. 1. planning time= sacred time 2. gove time limits to issues so you can fit everything in that you need to discuss 3. Make it fun! (props, music, etc) 4. co-yeach is a relationship and every co-teach relationship is different 5. stepping stones! (still need to do those!)

1 PEA 2 One Teach One Multisentory 3 Love the different openers 4 Providing choice for students PIG and 5 I need to do some shopping for rubber chickens

My top 5 things would be 1. PEA, 2. Stepping Stones, 3.”Choice is the Friend of Inclusion” 4. PIG, 5. Changed teaching model from one teach/one assist to more of a duet model this week

I’m new to co-T, and here are my top 5 so far: 1) make regular, intentional time to plan; 2) during class, both T working with a purpose; 3) quick debrief after first period of co-T the lesson; 4) keep student needs/interventions at center of the work; 5) take regular temperature checks of each other a couple of times every week.

my coteacher and I started using music to start our classes and it has been so fun

I teach second grade and thinking of ways to add the “laugher” starters, the choice, the ways to “create engagement”…those are things I am working on I feel some of the things I stated will make the environment more engaging for the person I kinda co-teach with

alternate co-teaching structures based on lesson and needs of students, define roles and responsibilities, plan together, respect each other

Why before how 2. choice 3. openers 4. creative planning 5. Roles

Session 4: March 27: Celebrating & Reflecting

Spotify Celebration Playlist [link]

Write a review of the co-teaching book [link]

Session 4 Recording [Vimeo] [YouTube with CC]

Q&A Document [DRIVE link]

Handouts (From 30 Days to the Co-Taught Classroom)

  • Day 28 Vows [pdf]

Other Resources

Resources Shared During Session 4

Ideas from “The Real World” (co-teachers)

– Co-Teachers Rena & Mindy: www.palmerkindergarten.weebly.com
– Mindy and Rena's presentation (aka Top Tips) [pdf]
– True Colors test [pdf]
– True Colors Descriptions [pdf]

Connect with Julie:

Connect with Kristie:

The Inclusion Podcast

Kristie's Books

Virtual Co-Teaching

Course Overview

A Phenomenal Co-Teaching Team Doesn’t Happen by Accident!
Whether you are part of a co-teaching partnership or work closely with teachers in your district, creating engaging and successful co-teaching partnerships can be challenging. We know. We’ve been there and we want better for you and your students. What if your co-teaching teams could…

  • Use planning time more effectively
  • Learn the best ways to share roles and responsibilities
  • Enjoy their work and co-teaching relationships
  • Create engaging lessons beyond duet and parallel teaching models
  • Communicate and problem-solve with ease


What if I can't attend the live sessions?

You will get lifetime access to the recorded sessions. So no worries if you have other things you'd like to do each Saturday in March. Join us live for all or some of each session, wait until your kids are asleep and binge watch, or you can check-it out as part of an existing PLC organized by your district or program. You and your co-teacher can also save and replay during “date night”. 

Will the live sessions be recorded?

Yep! And you'll have lifetime access to them. Each live session will be posted to your dashboard within 48 hours of the live event.

Do I have to come with a co-teacher?

Nope! However, we'd love it if you and your co-teacher could do this together. For those who are Inclusion Facilitators and Itinerant teachers, we'd love for you to invite one or more of the teachers you support to join you on this adventure.

What do I need to do to prepare?
No preparation necessary. Come with your biggest challenges to co-teaching at the ready and we will help you find solutions and support. Feel free to bring your coffee, wear your PJs, heck have a mimosa. Just be ready to learn co-teaching strategies, structures, and be inspired by what is possible!

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What else do I need to buy?
It is highly recommended that everyone enrolled purchase a copy of Dr. Julie Causton's 30 Days to the Co-Taught Classroom. If you don’t already have a copy, it is available through Amazon or your favorite book seller. If your district enrolled you, they likely purchased the book. Check with them before ordering.

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What will you cover?
Here is an overview of each of the sessions:

  • March 6: Connecting & Creating a Vision
  • March 13: The Musts of Co-Planning
  • March 20: Beyond Duet & Parallel Teaching
  • March 27: Celebrating & Reflecting
What should I expect?

We love to interact with you, give you opportunities to connect with others, and opportunities to interact with the content. This means..

  1. We will invite you to type or post things in the ZOOM chat often…and sometimes to the dry erase board.
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  3. You can also turn your camera on or off as you desire – no requirement to keep it on during live sessions.
  4. You will be muted; however, you are welcome to unmute yourself and share at any point…and for sure during small group activities/discussions.
  5. You will be randomly assigned to breakout rooms (can opt-out as you see fit)

We also know that you are busy and have other commitments. This means…

  1. Come and go throughout the live sessions
  2. Skip live sessions and catch them on the replay
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  4. A recording of the live sessions will be posted within 48 hours to your dashboard.

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