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Hosted by Dr. Kristie Pretti-Frontczak and Dr. Julie Causton

Dr. Kristie Pretti-Frontczak

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Dr. Julie Causton

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General Info (click to open)

PD 4 PD Providers Handbook [DRIVE link]

Download the Schedule [pdf]

How to Prepare Your Learning Space

We are big fans of making sure learners of all ages have spaces where they are comfortable and have what they need to stay in the zone of optimal learning. Here’s a short list of things you may want to put near you when ZOOMing with us this week. 

Think of this as your “Things to pack” list:

  1. Blankets, pillows, cushions
  2. Bubbles (of course)
  3. Essential oil diffuser, incense
  4. Fans, pinwheels
  5. Fidgets
  6. Modeling clay, play dough, gak
  7. Natural or mood lighting, lava lamps, sun lamps
  8. Paper and colorful markers, pastels, and colored pencils
  9. Snacks (crunchy, healthy, soothing)
  10. Treadmill, standing desk, stationary bike
  11. Yoga ball, mat, block, cushion
  12. Water – or beverage of choice
  13. What else can you think of that will make you even 10% more comfortable?

Links to Other General Resources

  • Top Tips for Transforming How We Teach Adults [blog]

  • ZOOM Makeover tips [pdf] + FB live session [video]

    • During the FB live we shared 7 “fun” tips and their alignment to significant outcomes

      • Preparing your learning space (Learning how to learn; Caring; Emotional Intelligence; Application)

      • Home rooms with themes (Learning how to learn; Connection)

      • Connectors & Fast Finishers (Caring and Emotional Intelligence)

      • Side room convo (Connection and Caring)

      • Decluttering challenge (Application)

      • I spy game (Information; Connection and Learning how to learn)

      • Everyone draw (Information; Connection; Emotional Intelligence)

Session 1: Designing Engaging and Inclusive Content (click to open)

Session #1 Recording

  • Vimeo (no ads) [Vimeo]
  • YouTube (closed captioning) [YouTube]
  • Recap of Big Ideas [audio] FB Group live video [link]

Session #1 Resources

  • Key PPT Handouts [pdf]
  • Graphic Record of Session #1 content [pdf] [jpg]

Other Sharable Resources

  • Winnie the Pooh [YouTube + PPT link in video description]
  • Mix of 6 [pdf] [short training video] [blog]
    • ZOOM feature by outcome matrix [pdf]
    • Web-based technology by outcome matrix [Google DRIVE link]
  • Schedules
    • Schedule for one day event (see last page of pdf)
    • Color-coded schedule for two event [link]
    • Schedule with example of the fun/connection/renew ideas [link]
  • ZOOM Makeover tips [pdf] + FB live session [video]
    • Handbook with examples of how to prepare [DRIVE link]
  • Triggering the PEA resources and activity [DRIVE link]

Session 2: HOW to Make Virtual Learning Wildly Effective (click to open)

Session #2 Resources

  • Key PPT Handouts [pdf]
  • Vimeo (no ads) [Vimeo]
  • YouTube (closed captioning) [YouTube]
  • Recap of Big Ideas [audio]

Other Sharable Resources

  • Poetry
  • Too Much Unicorn book [link to order]
  • ZOOM Makeover tips [pdf] + FB live session [video]
  • Fun Theory [video]
  • How to use a rubber chicken in your classroom [blog] [pdf]
  • Stress Detective Series downloads [pdf]
    • Being a Stress Detective Resources [Google DRIVE link]

Session 3: Using Innovative Technology (click to open)

Session #3 Resources

  • Key PPT Handouts [pdf]
  • Vimeo (no ads) [Vimeo]
  • YouTube (closed captioning) [YouTube]
  • Recap of Big Ideas [audio]

Other Sharable Resources from Session #3

  • Why even coaching can't get to a change in practice [blog]
  • Unpacking of the 4 S's [pdf]
  • Significant learning outcomes matrix [link]
  • Your Transgender Student (session from SLI 2020) [Vimeo]
  • Color coding google tabs [link]
  • Rob Bell [link]
  • Fact or Fiction References
  • Microagressions
    • Transformative Talk [YouTube]
    • Anti-Racism PD for PD providers [link]

Session 4: Delivering PD Like a Boss (click to open)

Session #4 Resources

Other Sharable Resources from Session #4

  • Ideas for One Teach/One Make Multi-sensory [pdf]
  • Going virtual?? Here are 100 tips and tricks [pdf]
  • Kristie's Manifesto [link]
  • Links shared during class are coming soon!
    • Pomodoro-work timer. Use this method to get work done in short increments. https://www.marinaratimer.com
    • Blog series on turning problems into possibilities…includes a demo of the 5-minute problem solving experience

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