Manchester School District: Middle School Co-Teaching Professional Development faciliated by:

Dr. Julie Causton

Dr. Kristie Pretti-Frontczak

Links to Recorded Sessions (click to open)

Session/Class #1 October 14, 2020 [video]

Session/Class #2 October 21, 2020 [video]

Session/Class #3 October 28, 2020 [video]

Session/Class #4 November 4, 2020 [video]

Co-Teaching Resources (click to open)

Many resources align with your 30 Days to Co-Teaching book

Day 1: 20 Questions [pdf]

Day 1: Team Building Checklist [pdf]

Day 2: Classroom Vision [pdf]

Day 3: Goal Setting [pdf]

Day 5: Making Time When There Isn't Time [pdf]

Day 6 Co-teaching Role Cards [pdf]

Day 6 Do Not Disturb Sign [pdf]

Day 7 Co-Teaching Meeting Dos & Don’t [pdf]

Day 7 Power Phrases for Positive & Productive Meetings [pdf]

Day 8 Team Meeting Notes [pdf]

Day 8 Team Meeting Notes complete [pdf]

Day 14-20 Ideas for One Teach/One Make Multi-sensory [pdf]

Day 15-20 Ideas for Parallel Teaching [pdf]

Day 15 Responses to Parallel Objections [pdf]

Day 16 Station Teaching Activity Ideas [pdf]

Day 16 Responses to Station Teaching Objections [pdf]

Day 20 Doodling & Drawing Ideas [pdf]

Day 21 Lesson Plan Template [pdf]

Day 21 Lesson Plan Template Example [pdf]

Day 21 Lesson Plan: Visual [pdf]

Day 28 Vows [pdf]

10 Ways to Co-Teach in the VIRTUAL CLASSROOM [pdf]

Lesson Planning Templates [pdf]

Differentiation strategies (version 1) [pdf]

Differentiation strategies (version 2) [pdf]

Generic Resources (click to open)

Give your ZOOM room a makeover [pdf]

Definition of Inclusion Handout [pdf]

Research on inclusion [link]

Winnie the Pooh video and PPT (see description section of the video)

Shark music [blog]

Superpowers Quiz

Triggering the Positive Emotional Attractor [DRIVE link]

Added October 21st

  • Your Transgender Student [video]
  • Download the handout “The Genderbread Person” [pdf]
  • Facebook live conversation [link]

Added November 4th

  • Inclusion Quotient Handout [pdf]

Variety of Video Resources (click to open)

Parallel teaching-kindergarten (literacy lesson) [link]

Parallel teaching-elementary (mini-lesson) [link]

Parallel teaching-HS science (discussions) [link]

Station teaching-1st grade (literacy lesson) [link]

Station teaching-art [link]

Station teaching-HS (chat stations) [link]

Co-Teaching Top 10 Tips [link]

Innovation Day [link]

8 Stand-up Meeting Ideas to Try with Your Team [link]

More Fun Resources

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