Turning Problems Into Possibilities

Ever find yourself using the precious time you have…admiring the problem and never getting to a solution?

Find yourself facing the same problems over and over?

For example:

  • We don’t have enough time to co-plan.
  • Others don’t see the importance of inclusion.
  • I spend all my time putting out fires and dealing with resistance.
  • I can’t get _____ to see why inclusion is a right of all students.
  • My colleagues keep saying, “I’ve tried inclusion before…and it doesn’t work.”

Want to solve problems like these one and for all?

Check out the our five step, five-minute problem-sloving strategy….and you too can solve any problem in just 5 minutes!


  1. Describe the problem in 1 minute
  2. Write a solvable question (e.g., “How might we/I”, “How can we/I”, “In what ways might we/I”) in 1 minute
  3. Brainstorm at least 20 solutions to answer the question in 2 minutes
  4. Select a first step in 55 seconds
  5. Celebrate in 5 seconds
  6. Repeat as needed

Watch this video where Julie and Kristie demonstrate how to turn a problem into a possibility in just 5 minutes!

Click here to download the transcript for the video


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