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and customized PD

    We deliver one-of-a-kind and co-taught professional development to meet your PreK-12th grade training needs. Our professional development is practical, personalized, engaging, and outrageously fun! All virtual PD is conducted over ZOOM and ranges from 60-minute keynotes to multi-day events! Because the sessions are customized, you get to pick the time, date, topic. You can also pick who you want to attend. Have a large group? No problem! Have a small co-teaching team that needs more support? No problem. We are able to create customized PD for any size of a group on any topic related to inclusive education.


    Any length of time from 60 minutes to multiple days. Our most popular time requests are:

    • 90-120 minutes
    • Half day
    • Full day
    • Multi-day series



    Our topics span all things inclusion. Our most popular topics are:

    • The What, Why, and How of Inclusion
    • Academic and Behavioral Differentiation
    • Co-Teaching for Inclusive Classrooms
    • Dealing with Challenging Behaviors
    • Paraprofessional Professional Development 
    • Inclusive Lesson Design
    • Making IEPs Meaning and Inclusive
    • Leading Inclusive Schools for Administrators


    We are flexible enough to tailor the PD for a wide variety of stakeholders. Our Pre-K to 12th grade focused PD is most often designed for: 

    • General and Special Education Teachers
    • Administrators and Leadership Teams
    • Paraprofessionals
    • Related Service Providers
    • Inclusion Facilitators
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    premium on-demand courses

      Immediately after you purchase one or more of our on-demand courses, you will receive 24/7 access to video-based lessons, downloadable handouts, and ways to track your learning. Each course is divided into sections or lessons and all of the course resources are yours to keep for a lifetime. You'll be able to refer back to the recordings and resources whenever you want. Each lesson has been carefully created to expand your mindset, heartset, and skillset around inclusive education. With a district license, you will have full and lifetime access to all the content, for all your educators!



      What Makes Us Effective: The Magic Behind Our PD Revealed

      Differentiated and Tiered PD

      • We create multiple access points for the learner, before, during, and after live sessions
      • We represent live and on-demand content in multiple ways (e.g., video, audio, print)
      • We ensure the content is relevant to the learner's work and has immediate usefulness
      • We deliver content that is directly connected to significant learning outcomes

      Inclusive and Co-taught PD

      • Together we support, practice, and offer real life examples to change practice
      • Together we increase opportunities for  interaction with each learner
      • Together we create opportunities for collaboration and guided discussions 
      • Together we vary methods of delivery, levels of intensity, and the degree of individualization

      Engaging and Interactive PD

      • We engage the learner’s mind, body, and heart 
      • We provide support across the different stages of learning and application
      • We use technology to elevate content, increase connection, and support ongoing interaction
      • We build in accountability that offers choice and puts the learner in the driver’s seat

      how it works:

      Our Process –


      Whether you need a 30-minute keynote, a big training event, or a three-year partnership, the journey begins with sharing your dreams for creating a more inclusive school.

      During our initial meeting we’ll discuss:

      • Your hopes and dreams for a more inclusive future
      • Your goals and timelines
      • How to integrate our PD with ongoing intiatives


      Next, they partner with you to create a customized professional development plan that will have a lasting impact. Their virtual and on-demand PD is like nothing you have experienced before!

      During the design phase we dive into customizing your PD by answering a series of key questions:

      1. How much time do you have for PD (e.g., an hour, a full day, a three-year partnership) and ensure we cover what is needed within that time frame
      2. What are your top priorities and topics of interest are and begin to map out your inclusive journey
      3. Who will be attending the PD and which dates and times will work best


      Then they deliver one-of-a-kind and co-taught professional development to meet your PreK-12th grade training needs. Their professional development is practical, personalized, engaging, and outrageously fun!


      Then we show up virtually and knock their socks off!

      Always with keeping your dreams and budget in mind.


      Lastly, it’s time to celebrate! Because of the partnership, you will have created a school where everyone belongs, everyone has access to grade level content and peers, and everyone has deep and lasting relationships. Bravo!

      When our time with you has come to an end, don't worry!

      We will always be a mere email away and can come back to continue to support your dreams and to celebrate with you!

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      Together, we’ll make inclusive

      magic for your school.