2017 Mastermind Membership Cohort 2 Dashboard

Cohort 2: Mastermind Dashboard

Think of the dashboard as your home base as well as “library” for all digital files related to the Mastermind experience. The dashboard also houses session audio files and notes. The dashboard is not interactive, therefore, if you have questions, want to share a resource, or are looking for “tribe” support, please use our FaceBook group.

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Archived Files

  • Digital version of your Mastermind Guidebook [pdfhard copy was mailed
  • Mastermind pledge [pdf]
  • Members Only Ebook [pdf]
  • Optional Hot Seat Note Taking From [pdf]
  • Scaffolding Success Activity [pdf]

Session Notes, ZOOM Audio Recordings, and Action Steps
Session 6 “minutes”

  • Audio recording [m4a]
  • End of Mastermind survey [link]
  • Pledges [in process]
    • Kerry: I, Kerry Lenaghan-Baughman, pledge that I am committed to completing the Michigan Ragnar 2017 Race, and will measure my success weekly by miles logged in the Runner’s Journal.
    • Libby:
    • Jean: I, Jean, pledge that I’m committed to doing spreading the word of the great things that happen in below age 5, and will measure my success weekly by collecting data/anecdotes.
    • Jeanie:

Session 5 “minutes”

  • Jeanie’s Notes [WORD]
  • Jean’s Notes [WORD]
  • Recording of audio session (Jeanie I missed your opening statements, but the conversation with the cohort is there) [audio]
  • Member action steps (also emailed and posted in FB)
    • Kerry: Continue reading about PEA (see below for more articles and don’t forget to check out Emotional Intelligence courses/events, URL also below), and how to apply to the culture shift desired. Also want to think about how to be an advocate and reflect upon times when you didn’t respond or say something you later wished you had.
    • Jean: Identify ways from session 5’s ideas that are the things that can be used to influence.
    • Jeanie: Listen back to session 5 and think more about building hope among staff members and not just focus on work.
    • Libby: Read notes and listen back to session 5 because so many of the issues raised resonated. Build up leadership and be a stronger advocate. Keep working on the “Pie in the Sky” plan.

Session 4 “minutes”

  • Kerry’s Notes [WORD]
  • Libby’s Notes [WORD]
  • Recording of audio session (started the record during the checkins) [audio]
  • Member action steps (also posted in FB)
    • Jean: Set a time, place, strategy to ensure providing better feedback.
    • Libby: Think through the questions asked during session 4 and how to present the “pie in the sky” plan.
    • Jeanie: Continue to think about what you want to continue after you leave and how to build leaders from within.
    • Kerry: Read the whole PEA article (2 more posted below) and find pieces that can be used to start the conversation with the management group.

Session 3 “minutes”

  • Jean’s Notes [WORD]
  • Jeanie’s Notes [WORD]
  • Recording of session [audio]
  • Member action steps:
    • Kerry: Practice deep listening and asking honest, open questions with staff.
    • Jeanie: Think more about this last year and a half and what you’ll need to do to be effective/efficient.
    • Libby: Be intentional in building leadership capacity and reflect on what the last several years of professional “life” will look like.
    • Jean: Give clear, specific, and deep feedback to those you don’t supervise.

Session 2 “minutes”

  • Libby’s Notes [WORD]
  • Kerry’s Notes [WORD]
  • Recording of session [audio]
  • Member action steps:
    • Jean: to continue journaling and “figure out what your problem is going to be”😉
    • Jeanie: to consider journaling, perhaps using the prompting questions found in your Daily Journal, and solidifying the area or need you want to bring to the group during Session 3.
    • Libby: Going to look at what can be presented to D. that will be meaningful. Spend time thinking about common ground for the meeting.
    • Kerry: Develop a phrase for when you need to take a breath.

Session 1 “minutes”

  • Hot seat members for Session 2 (i.e., February 24th) Libby and then Kerry
  • Member Action Steps
    • Libby: Before Monday the 20th (likely while on the plane), generate a list, or in some other way, compile all the issues and ideas that could be the focus of time spent in the hot seat. In some way examine the patterns and trends that emerge, and then, identify the issue to bring forth on the 24th.
    • Kerry: Have access to a notebook or other place to document observations in the coming days. As situations arise that are related to what will be discussed in the hot seat, record feelings, become aware of triggers, and describe who was there and what happened. Use this information to set the context for the conversation and drive the direction of time in the hot seat.
    • Jeanie: Complete the Superpowers Self-Assessment. Review the contemplative tree image and reflect upon what it would mean and look like to have a “journaling habit.” Begin to explore why you haven’t, up until now, thought of yourself as a creative person. Be prepared to share what you did between sessions as it relates to Superpowers, the contemplative tree, journaling, and/or the idea of being creative.
    • Jean: Use the Daily Journal (right side only is fine;) to explore how journaling does (or does not) serve what you want to do with passion and purpose. Be prepared to share what you did each day as it relates to journaling or other contemplative reflective practices.

Misc. FB posts/shares

  • The Busier you are….[link]
  • Honest open questions article [link]
  • Meditation (free) dates vary [link]
  • Master your mornings master your life [link]
  • Gift Discovery Exercise [pdf]
  • KPF blogs on habits [link]
  • Drip by drip and thunderclap by Seth Godin [link]

From Session 5

  • Aspirations profile shared by Jean on FB [link]
  • Master your mornings article by Petra [link]
  • Hope in Uncertain Time meditation series [link]
  • Emotional Intelligence courses and events [link]
  • Presence lever and the psychology of influence

From Session 4

  • Developing resonant leaders through emotional intelligence, vision and coaching [pdf]
  • When Pulling to the Negative Emotional Attractor is Too Much or Not Enough to Inspire and Sustain Outstanding Leadership [pdf]

From Session 3

  • Landing page created by KPF for CDE on leaders in a social age [link]
  • MOOC with Julian Stodd on Social Leadership [link]
  • Gratitude Revealed [link]
  • Seven Habits of Highly Ineffective Leaders [blog]
  • The Happy Secret to Better Work [Ted Talk]

From Session 2

  • (Importance of why) How Great Leaders Inspire – Simon Sinek [video]
  • Leadership Freak [blog]
  • Ought self vs. Ideal self [video]

From Session 1

Archived Cohort 2 Schedule

  1. February 15th (Wednesday) 6:00-8:00 6:45-8:45 pm ET
  2. February 24th (Friday) 4:00-6:00 pm ET
  3. March 8th (Wednesday) 6:00-8:00 pm ET
  4. March 30th (Thursday) 1:00-3:00 pm ET
  5. April 14th (Friday) 2:00-4:00 pm ET
  6. April 25th (Tuesday) 12:30-2:30 pm ET