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Dr. Julie Causton

Author • Educator • Inclusion Expert

What Is Inclusion &
What Does it Look Like?

Learn with Dr. Julie Causton

The Paraprofessional’s Handbook for Effective Support in Inclusive Classrooms, Second Edition

What does a great paraprofessional need to know and do? You’ll find real-world answers from two experts in the second edition of this bestselling guidebook. Passionate inclusion advocates Julie Causton and Kate MacLeod bring you a supremely practical guide to surviving and thriving as an integral part of your school’s inclusive team. You’ll get immediately applicable strategies for mastering every facet of your complex role: collaborating with other team members, selecting accommodations and modifications, facilitating peer connections, fading your support, and much more. And you’ll find a treasure trove of tools—including activities, learning checks, reproducible templates, FAQs, and short to-do lists—to help you reflect on your practice and strengthen your daily work.

An essential hands-on guide for new and seasoned paraprofessionals—and a must-have for the educators and other professionals who support them—this empowering book takes the guesswork out of this critical classroom role so you can help students with disabilities reach their full potential.


  • New chapter on Respectful Support for Developing Student Independence
  • More on key topics such as collaboration, presuming competence, and supporting social and academic success for students with diverse abilities
  • New and updated research, practices, digital tools, resources, examples, quiz questions, and reflection activities throughout the book
  • Package of online materials, including printable activities, forms, and worksheets


Rarely is there time for paraprofessionals to receive the training and support they need to work with children and students on IEPs. Even more rare is professional development with practical strategies that can be applied to all of the students in the district… from Pre-K through 12th grade.

Designing and Delivering Inclusive Virtual Professional Development. From classes to conferences, we’ve got you covered. This series will demonstrate how to set significant learning outcomes, give your video-conferencing a makeover, and increase engagement from staff meetings to day-long events.

Strategies for teaching students Pre-K to 21 with significant support needs. Learn the “Why” and “How” of inclusion, how to support students who challenge you, a new approach to behavior and so much more to create inclusive schools.

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