Inclusive Schooling is an engaging community for educators, administrators and parents who seek to create more inclusive schools. We believe that every learner can be included in caring, creative school communities.



Teaching, research and consulting guided by
passion for inclusive education

courses on inclusive schooling

Elementary Educators

Online Course
  • A 21-day online experience to give inspired educators helpful practices to get more connected with students, colleagues, and the community.


Video Course
  • The Inspired Advocate Program is an online video course for parents who want the knowledge and expertise to advocate for effective inclusion for their children. Includes full access to closed Facebook group.


I was so taken by Dr. Causton's wisdom I requested that she come and work with my entire staff” over 1,000 teachers, teacher assistants, service providers, librarians, etc. It was the best professional development we've ever had.

Sherry. Administrator. Canada

Dr. Julie's class gave me so many new strategies for differentiation and problem-solving” she was amazing!

Shelly. Educator. New York

This series of classes taught me more about inclusion, the law, and supporting students than I learned in my entire masters program. Everything was so useful. I could take and use all of the information right away to improve my classroom. I am so happy I signed up for the course!

Joanna. Educator. New York


Co-teachers – Working it Out

Working as a team with your co-teachers can be rewarding, exhilarating, and wonderful.? Yet, it can also feel frustrating at times, and down-right impossible at others. Very few teams feel they are without troubles, but this is not necessarily bad news. Problems are...

Why Do We Teach

Love & Education: How Did We Get Here? Every year, Inclusive Schooling conducts hundreds of workshops and presentations with administrators, educators, and parents around the country to help them develop loving and inclusive approaches to supporting diverse...