2017 Mastermind Membership Cohort 3 Dashboard

Cohort 3: Mastermind Dashboard

Think of the dashboard as your home base as well as “library” for all digital files related to the Mastermind experience. The dashboard will also house session audio files and notes. The dashboard is not interactive, therefore, if you have questions, want to share a resource, or are looking for “tribe” support, please use our FaceBook group.

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Cohort 3 Schedule

  • Session 1: October 11th from 6-8 pm ET
  • Session 2: October 19th from 6-8:30 pm ET
    • Tammy, Kristin, and Jennifer (Hot Seat)
  • Session 3: November 18 from 6-8:30 pm ET
    • Teran and Carri (Hot Seat)
  • Session 4: November 27th from 6-8:00 pm ET
    • Tammy and Kristin (Hot Seat)
  • Session 5: December 13th from 6-8:30 pm ET
    • Jennifer, Teran, and Carri (Hot Seat)
    • Please note…we'll likely need the 2.5 hours during session 5.
  • Session 6: December 19th from 6-8 pm ET
    • Listen to this podcast if you have time
    • Review your participant guidebook for the flow for session 6 and pages 17-19 about your final pledge. I'll review what all you need to do to prepare for session 6 at the end of session 5.

Archived Files

  • Digital version of your Mastermind Guidebook [pdf]
  • Members Only eBook [pdf]
  • Mastermind pledge [pdf]
  • Optional Hot Seat Note Taking From [pdf]
  • Session 6 Scaffolding Success Activity [pdf]

Session Notes, ZOOM Audio Recordings, and Action Steps

Session Resources

Session 1 

Resources/Topics shared during Session 1

  • Blog about using poetry in PD
  • Link to learn about and take the IEP Superpowers online quiz
  • Video on “ideal” self and “ought” self
  • Servant Leadership (website)
  • Parker Palmer “Let Your Life Speak” (website)
  • Center for Courage and Renewal (website)
  • Escape Rooms (website)

Actions Steps from Session 1

  • Kristin: Go back through the resources on the Mastermind Dashboard and in the guidebook to determine what needs explored more deeply, what to put into practice, and what to share with others. Purchase coloring pencils.
  • Jennifer: Get ready for hot seat by setting aside 15-20 minutes each day for mediation and reflection. Figure out the goal or issue to address during 1st hot seat.
  • Tammy – Login to FB (access Ashley as needed) and share quotes and interact with members of our Mastermind community.
  • Carri – Finish the VIA survey and compare and reflect upon results from both the VIA and Superpowers assessment; practice putting superpowers into practice
  • Teran: Facilitate activity with team to identify their superpowers and put them into action during the Escape Room event.

Session 2 

Actions Steps from Session 2

  • Tammy – Review the recording and review the questions asked. The questions an comments can be used to ease anxiety that things aren't getting done. Check FB to see how other hot seat members are doing over time.
  • Kristin – Journal more – maybe 5-6 times a week if possible to clear head and do some prioritizing.
  • Jennifer – Review the recording – want to ponder the last question about hierarchy and power.
  • Teran – Use monthly reflective supervision meetings to avoid feeling like you have to have the answer; aim to mirror our process of asking honest open questions to all for them to go deeper.
  • Carri – Make a road map (visual representation) of the question to ask during hot seat.

Session 3

Action Steps from Session 3

  • Tammy – Look more into the notion of mindset; to into upcoming meeting with greater self-confidence.
  • Kristin –  Continue work around prioritizing. Develop a visual to help wrap head around where you need to go.
  • Jennifer – Connect with Carri; Continue to reflect on possible hierarchies of power and/or leadership and what it means for self and team.
  • Teran – Get better at reflecting in the moment; Identify shark music in the moment and aim to respond vs. react.
  • Carri – Reach out to one person to help build confidence.

Session 4

  • Recording (audio)
  • Hot Seat Notes
    • Tammy Session 4 [WORD]
    • Kristin Session 4 [WORD]

Action Steps from Session 4

  • Teran – Move from reflection to action. Start coming back after reflection and follow-up with team member.
  • Carri – Meeting with colleague from KS (deep listening and ask lots of questions); continue working on pitch to avatar; explore the balance between giving and receiving
  • Jen – Continue to work on how to ask questions to team members…more open-ended and thought provoking questions
  • Tammy – Devise a bucket or scale system to “log/track” positives and negatives (how to turn these around); take a closer look at what she is doing and feeling
  • Kristin – Create a visual summary of concerns, things she and her staff can address, and where support is still needed

Session 5

Action Steps from Session 5

  • Tammy – Time and effort to create something and be able to share during session 6
  • Kristin – Take time and devote to the homework; Consider the idea of a “quilt of comfort” (teaming activity)
  • Jennifer – Work on homework and generate a “theme song”
  • Teran – Practice “playing nice” during Friday's transition meeting
  • Carri – Look over the Act Early information

Session 6 [video link]