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Deep Dive Master Class

Think of the dashboard as your home base as well as “library” for all digital files related to your Deep Dive Master Class. The dashboard will also house session audio files and notes.

The dashboard is not interactive, therefore, if you have questions, want to share a resource, or are looking for “tribe” support, please use our FaceBook group.

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Session-by-Session Resources
Session 1

  • Optional Flipped Learning Activities
    • Review the Transforming professional development eBook. In particular, review tips and tools for mindset before methods. Identify a tip or strategy that you have found to be successful, or you feel would help lead you to success. Be ready to share the tip/tool during the Zoom call on October 28th.
    • Consider a current situation, or one that presents itself often, where you are faced with resistance and a less than growth mindset. How do you typically approach the situation? What generally works? What would the ideal situation look like? Be ready to share your examples during the Zoom call on October 28th.
  • If there is time…
    • Listen to this audio file that describes how the Transforming PD eBook is organized. That may help you find strategies and tips about mindset, resistance, etc.
    • Gain access to my Symbaloo Webinx for effective PD
      • ECE Solutionary members login and click here, scroll to the bottom of the show notes page for bullets and links to Symbaloo etc.
      • Non-members read this blog and complete the form
  • Begin identifying your goals for participating in the Deep Dive Master Class. Download and use this planning form as you see fit (before, during, and after each session).

Recorded audio for Session 1 [audio]
PPT from Session 1 [pdf]
Resources shared during Session 1

  • Manifesto [link]
  • Article on effective andragogical principles [pdf]
  • Transforming PD eBook [pdf]
  • Symbaloo Webmix [link]
  • Significant Learning Outcomes [pdf]

Session 2

  • Optional Flipped Learning Activity
    • Read this blog about staff meetings that build upon the interests of adult learners
      • Reflection/discussion prompts:
        • How do you know and recognize your own interests and the interest of colleagues/staff?
        • What does being interested in something do for the learning process?
        • Why don't way pay more attention to interests? Does it cause “shark music”?
    • Read this chapter from How to Live a Good Life
      • Reflection/discussion prompts:
        • How aware are you of your own shark music?
        • How able are you to turn down the shark music of others? (additional blog)
        • How can WOOP help with shark music?
    • Make sure you can access (view) this Google Drive document on tiered PD [link]

Recorded audio for Session 2 [audio]
PPT from Session 2 [pdf]
Resources shared during Session 2

  • Todd Henry's Podcast on Leadership [link]
  • Needs vs. wants (consider these guidelines as they might apply to adults) [podcast]
  • Barb Avila's video on “control” (again, consider as the principles may apply to adults) [link]
  • Appreciative Inquiry and assets and opportunity assessments
    • I have a ton of stuff on this; however, it is all old branding so it needs edited. I've taken the time to edit one blog in a series that needs revised…and will aim to get the rest of this done before our Deep Dive ends. Hopefully this gets you started.

Session 3

  • Optional Flipped Learning Activities
  • Resources about implementation science (heavy but provides a context of the latest thinking about getting to a change in practice) [pdf]

Recorded audio for Session 3 (first half of session 4)
Resources shared during Session 3

  • Crystal's mindful habits book [link]
  • Gratitude revealed site [link]
  • How to break a bad habit learning activity [pdf]

Session 4

  • Optional Flipped Learning Activities
    • Learn more about emotional intelligence [slide share] [pdf]
    • Take this brief survey and be ready to share results [link]
    • Reflect upon the “Contrasting Emotions Chart” [jpg] from Emotional Intelligence by Mayra Porrata and Crystal Pirri [book]

Recorded audio for Session 4 [audio]
Resources shared during Session 4

  • Mind In The making [link]
  • How People Learn [link]
  • Contemplative Practices Tree [link]
  • Transforming PD handout [pdf]
  • J. Shonkoff's ppt slides about brain placidity [pdf]
  • The ABC's of Feeling Words [pdf]
  • Evaluation of Deep Dive Master Class [link]