2019 Mastermind Membership Cohort 5 Dashboard

Cohort 5: Mastermind Dashboard

Think of the dashboard as your home base as well as “library” for all digital files related to the Mastermind experience. The dashboard will also house session audio files and notes. The dashboard is not interactive, therefore, if you have questions, want to share a resource, or are looking for “tribe” support, please use our FaceBook group.

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Archived Files

  • Digital version of your Mastermind Guidebook [pdf]
  • Members Only eBook [pdf]
  • Mastermind pledge [pdf]
  • Optional Hot Seat Note Taking From [pdf]
  • Session 6 Scaffolding Success Activity [pdf]Session Notes, ZOOM Audio Recordings, and Action Steps

Session Resources
Session 1 

Audio only recording: Session 1 [mp3]
Video recording: Session 1 [mp4]
Resources/Topics shared during Session 1

  • Blog on policies (see above)
  • Four tendencies quiz [link]
  • Sparkatype self-assessment [link]

Action Steps from Session 1

  • Katherine: Turn off work email for 4 days
  • Daina: Spend time focusing on goals and questions for hot seat; Figure out more about professional and/or professional policies
  • Heidi: Commit to arranging schedule
  • Susan: Doing journaling around key words from session 1
  • Jodi: Develop some goals, especially related to leadership
  • Jill: Think about how to prepare for the hot seat

Session 2 
Audio only recording Session 2 [audio]
Shared Resources:

  • Susan's post to FB with short video on why we benefit from coaching [link]

Action Steps: Didn't have time for action planning
KPF's Hot Seat Notes:

Session 3 
Audio only recording Session 3 [audio]
Shared Resources:

  • Jodi's mention of a book about introverts [link]
  • Daina's inclusion dance video
  • First Follower: Leadership Lessons from a Dancing Guy (shared by Daina) [video] [transcript]
  • How to Dance with Uncertainty by Todd Henry [link to blog] [podcast]
  • The Redemptive Power of Questions [blog]

Actions Steps:

  • Daina: Locate poem about fear; video on inclusion dance
  • Jill: Reflect on questions from hot seat, focus on where things are working in terms of transition (journal about key elements of those experiences)
  • Jodi: Two things 1) Play around with questions and think about how changing the questions changes the answer; 2) Revisit about introverts and book Quiet.
  • Katherine: Spend some quiet time thinking about questions from hot seat; think about when the team comes back together in the fall (what will that look like, how can you be proactive).

KPF's Hot Seat Notes:


Session 4
Audio Recording Only Session 4 [audio]
Resources Shared:

  • How well do you delegate and how to improve [link]
  • KPF blog on policies [link]
  • KPF blog on saying no [link]
  • Resource for busy leaders [link]

Action Steps:

  • Katherine: Keep journaling as I reset my expectations to head back to work in a place.
  • Heidi: Share a few resources on FB (check); Make sure heart and head  are in a space to be present during next session.
  • Jodi: Think about way to support a leader being coached around things that are definable as success.
  • Jill: Get ready for Monday's planning meeting.
  • Susan: Continue along path of setting night time boundaries. Continue to delegate and to do so more intentionally.; continue journaling to trust the process.
  • Daina: My action step will be to plan more intentionally for my upcoming meeting. Stay focused, and ask for what I need/want to move forward.

KPF's Hot Seat Notes:

Session 5
Audio Recording Session 5 [audio]
Resources Shared:

Actions Steps (TB shared by members)

  • Jodi: I am hoping to finish up looking over my notes from all of the sessions and readings. Specifically I have a few more things from Quiet that I would like to look at. Then I will journal. I have gotten away from journaling, so I am excited just to write for a bit this evening.
  • Daina: My action step will be to review my notes, continue to focus on what I can do and control, ask for what I want/need, not let the fear of not being enough keep me from focusing on the work that I feel is important, and stop apologizing.

KPF's Hot Seat Notes:

Session 6
Audio Recording From Session 6 [audio]
Mastermind Journey Evaluation [survey link]

  • Analysis paralysis [link]

Quick video on how to prepare for Session 6
[video_player type=”youtube” style=”1″ dimensions=”560×315″ width=”560″ height=”315″ align=”center” margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”20″ ipad_color=”black”]aHR0cHM6Ly95b3V0dS5iZS9PNEZ4U2dIczBmYw==[/video_player]

  1. Develop your “Scaffolding for Success Pledge” and post to FB at any time. It can also be part of your “talk story”. What you post should be the actual pledge, which can be a picture or just text. When you post, let me know if I have your permission (with or without your name) to share with other Mastermind cohorts and Jonathan Fields. It can be shared without your name.
  2. Prepare your “talk story”, which is designed to depict your journey to date. Be sure to think about your emotional intelligence, what it means to you to be a leader, and where you see your ideal self in 10 years from now.

What you'll need and/or things mentioned in the video:

  • Guidebook (page 8 and 18-20)
  • Jonathan's podcast [link] shorter print only version [link]
  • 20-30 minutes (minimum) to prepare your pledge and talk story
  • One example (scroll to bottom of this page for Hattie's Talk Story)
  • Gretchen Ruben's four tendencies [link]