2020 Shoreline Deep Dive Master Class TEC

The Effortless Coach

Deep Dive Master Class

Think of the dashboard as your home base as well as “library” for all digital files related to your Deep Dive Master Class. The dashboard will also house session audio files and notes. For an overview of this special Deep Dive Master class, and to meet your facilitators, go here.

FYI, this dashboard is not interactive, therefore, if you have questions, want to share a resource, or are looking for support, please use our FaceBook group or contact Kristie directly (Kristie@Kristiepf.com) or Jennifer directly (jena@jenalopez.com).

Here is the ZOOM link that we'll use across all four session: https://zoom.us/j/3303101040
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2020 Schedule (all times are PT)

  • January 15th 2:45-4:00 pm
  • January 29th 2:45-4:00 pm
  • March 4th 2:45-4:00 pm
  • March 18th 2:45-4:00 pm

Sessions At-A-Glance

Session-by-Session Resources
Session 1 – Clarifying: It's all about you 

Session 2 – Connecting: Making friends in shark infested waters

  • Optional Flipped Learning Activity
    • Build upon what you know about children…and begin to think about how it applies to adults by reviewing this Emotion Coaching Guide from Seed & Sew
    • Listen and/or read to all or parts of this conversation I had with Laura Fish about why even coaching can't get to a change in practice and how to see the adult behind the behavior
    • Complete the following activities:
      1. Record your daily emotions using the “Taking Emotional Inventorythree times a day across three days between January 21st and January 29th. Directions here.
      2. Share – edit – create – reflect upon your affirmation statements from Session 1.
      3. Work on and/or set action steps.
      4. Circle back to anything shared before, during, and after Session 1 (see above).
  • After Session 2 (facilitators to post)
    • Session 2 recording [video]
    • Links shared during Session 2
      • Free e-copy of “Emotional Intelligence” by Crystal Pirri and Mayra Porrata [pdf] Buy the book here
    • Action steps and additional resources
      • Action steps
        • I think I’m going to try checking in and validate emotions with people with as few words as possible, more with body language. I’ll start in all sorts of situations so I get better at it when things are getting crazy behavior-wise. Let us know if you have tips for that!
        • I’m excited to get a staff “family tree” started in our staff lounge (Pam’s idea I believe!). We can share photos of what’s important to us – family, your favorite place/activity – to build community, positive feelings, etc.
      • Podcast 33: Are You Teaching Coping Mechanisms or Strategies? Why the Difference Matters to Children’s Emotional Well-Being
      • Brené Brown on Empathy [video]
      • Empathy Diamond: 5 facets of empathy (Dan Siegel)
        • Perspective taking: seeing the world through the eyes of another
        • Emotional resonance: Feeling the feelings of another
        • Cognitive empathy: Understanding, or intellectually getting, another’s overall experience
        • Compassionate empathy: Sensing suffering and wanting to reduce it
        • Empathetic joy: Experiencing delight with the happiness, achievements, and well-being of another

Session 3 – Communicating: Getting to the heart of what matters

  • Optional Flipped Learning Activities
  • After Session 3
    • Session recording [video of last 20 minutes]
    • Action steps 
      • Holly: Use the questions also with gen ed teachers, paras when we are having trouble communicating/agreeing on something with a student
      • Leslie and Sarah: I like the reframing in general, it makes everything feel more positive! we can always use more positivity
      • Jennifer: Use a strength based approach versus deficit with team members, parents and mostly the children
      • Hillery: Try some of these questions at “safer” IEPs immediately

Session 4 – Co-Creating: Making plans that stick 

  • Optional Flipped Learning Activities
    • Directions [link to DRIVE]
    • Matrix [link to DRIVE]
  • After Session 4 (facilitators to post)
    • Session recording
    • Links shared during Session 4
    • Action steps and additional resources


Evaluation of your Deep Dive experience [link]