Filling Your Backpack with Possibility

1.5 hours of inspiration for this new school year


with Dr. Julie Causton and Dr. Kristie Pretti-Frontczak

Back-to-School Tips and Inspiration for YOUR District!   

You’ll discover:

  • 50 ways to make any virtual environment more inclusive and even FUN!

  • A myriad of ways to help every student feel safe, seen, soothed and supported (on-line or in person).

  • A new type of school supply list to prepare YOU to be your very best this year.


Now, more than ever we need to feel ready and inspired to teach all of our children/students.

This event is all about creating the most inclusive educational system possible where every person (big and small) in your school feels safe, seen, soothed, and  supported.

This is an absolute must to kick off your year. 

Help Every Person in Your School Feel….





What we're NOT talking about in this course:

plexiglass cubes, hand sanitizers, or face covers!

Together we’ll focus on the possibilities and potential for this unique school year.

We guarantee you’ll leave inspired and excited about the year ahead. 

10 Ways to Prepare for this New (and Unusual) School Year

All material is on-demand and can be accessed immediately.