The Too Much Unicorn

The Too Much Unicorn

The Too Much Unicorn

Eunice is always being told that she is TOO MUCH! She uses too much whip cream on her waffles. She talks too much during movies or on the school bus. She dances too much in the hallway at school. But to Eunice, being too much is just right.

In fact, it is what makes Eunice a unicorn!

It is also why she is so excited for her school’s speech contest today. The winner will get to be the student tour guide of the school for a very special guest. Eunice arrives at school with her own podium, a banner, balloons, signs, and sparkles encouraging her audience to VOTE FOR EUNICE. She even asked her brother to play drums! Will she be selected as the tour guide? Or will everyone think her speech is too much?

Eunice empowers girls everywhere to embrace the beauty of being joyfully, stylishly, and confidently your just right self. Brought to life with beautifully detailed illustrations, readers of all ages will want to read this humorous yet heartfelt story again and again.

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