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Leadership-Bytes is a comprehensive transformative on-demand professional development series just for school leaders including, special education or curriculum directors, superintendents, principals, coordinators, teacher leaders, coaches, and inclusion facilitators–really…anyone who is leading this very important work!

As world renowned inclusion experts, we co-teach each of the Bytes, which consists of 10 powerful videos. We include supporting resources that cover all of the evidence-based practices necessary to create inclusive schools and classrooms.

Leadership-Bytes includes:
  • 10 transformative videos co-taught by world-renowned inclusion experts Dr. Kristie Pretti-Frontczak and Dr. Julie Causton.
  • Over 7 hours of evidence-based PD, broken down into easy-to-watch segments with closed captioning.
  • Key PPTs and downloadable handouts to support your learning.
  • Embedded application and reflection segments to ensure alignment and sustainability.
  • customized district content hub that is password protected for your convenience.

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Dr. Kristie Pretti-Frontczak


A highly sought-after speaker, accomplished author, and educators’ educator. Dr. Kristie Pretti-Frontczak began her career as an early interventionist and then spent 16 years as a tenured professor at Kent State University. Since 2013 she has followed her true passion for designing and delivering transformative professional development. As a result, she has accumulated over 50,000 hours of helping educators and leaders work from a place of compassion, hope, and love in locations from Cincinnati to Singapore.

Dr. Julie Causton


A best selling author, inspiring speaker, and inclusion advocate, Dr. Julie Causton began her career as an educator and then 14 years as a tenured professor at Syracuse University. In 2012 she founded Inclusive Schooling, a premiere company solely devoted to delivering professional development which transforms schools and lives. She has spent the past 25 years nearly obsessed with discovering innovative practices and teaching others about inclusive education through her wildly engaging presentations.

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Want to learn more about leadership-bytes? here's the replay and resources from a workshop we often host!

INCLUSIVE EDUCATION MEANS we no longer accept that separate classrooms, separate schools, and separate lives are in the best interest of any student. Separating people by ability disadvantages everyone. Belonging is a human need. Our educational system, practices, and spaces, need to be reimagined.

INCLUSIVE EDUCATION MEANS every student is valued because of their strengths, gifts, and even challenges. As disability is simply... diversity. Everyone benefits from meaningful participation and opportunities to learn grade level content with diverse peers. We must trust that all students come to us as incredible whole people who do not need to be fixed.

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‘The Prompting Ladder' – designed to guide paraprofessionals in providing tailored support for student success! Grab our ladder of support it’s FREE

12 Steps to Closing Life Skills Rooms so you can open possibilities for your students!

We promise every student in your life skills room can experience and achieve much more when included with this free resource:

  • Discover the steps to shift staff away from outdated practices
  • Explore strategies that honor students' abilities and rights
  • ​​Learn about scheduling approaches that prioritize student well-being and academic success


  • Empowerment: Equips you with empowering responses to common objections, allowing you to advocate for inclusive education confidently.
  • Understanding: Fosters a deeper understanding of the principles behind inclusive education by providing clear explanations and follow-up questions.
  • Collaboration: Promotes collaboration between educators and parents by offering effective conversation starters and problem-solving strategies for addressing concerns.
  • ​​Positive Change: Challenges misconceptions and provides practical solutions.

FREE CHECKLIST: Want our most powerful checklist for ensuring inclusive services?

Want a comprehensive list of support options to ensure inclusion?

  • ​Effective strategies to try before even considering a pull-out setting​
  • Wildly expand your options for student support
  • A must-have checklist for every IEP meeting!
  • Get everyone thinking outside the box!
  • Creative solutions to providing services and supports
  • Finally, a common starting place for parents and educators

Supercharge your classroom engagement and students motivation

101 Ways to Bring Student Choice into Learning Will Help You To: 

  • Empower students to take control of their learning and  educators to foster essential life skills that extend beyond the classroom!
  • Tap into intrinsic motivation, fostering a sense of autonomy and ownership!
  • Ensure that learning experiences are inclusive of diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and abilities, creating a community where all students thrive! ​

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Steps for responding to big emotion

4 Steps for Dealing with Challenging Behavior –  Learn what to do (and what not to do) when students have big emotions in this FREE resource.

Limited Time discount for past sli participants!

Enjoy 25% OFF ALL of our products in our Inclusive Schooling PD Suite until June 30, 2024. Get instant access to magical professional development for your entire district!

Just email us with what you want (which offering and which license length), and we'll get you all set up with the discount and full access. 


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