Framework and Formula Basic Package

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Four Filters Lesson

Needs vs. Wants Lesson

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Lesson Objectives

  • Participants will list and describe how the “four filters” can be used for generating IEP worthy goals
  • Participants will develop questions that help determine what a child needs to learn and if it requires specially designed instruction
  • Participants will assess the extent to which IEP goals “pass” the four filters
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Lesson Objectives

  • Participants will distinguish between needs and wants as well as disability vs. delay vs. difference
  • Participants will analyze stressors that impede learning for children as well as for themselves
  • Participants will articulate how triggers have impacted the learning of children they know and/or themselves

What Matters Lesson

Zig Zag Process Lesson

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Lesson Objectives

  • Participants will describe how relationships between members of the IEP team (including families and students) are foundational to getting at what matters in terms of identifying IEP goals and planning specialized instruction
  • Participants will engage in writing IEPs using their hearts and their minds
  • Participants will consider what matters to them and the families within their community
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Lesson Objectives

  • Participants will describe the concept of the zig zag framework as it applies to diverse learners, including children who struggle but may not quality for early childhood special education services
  • Participants will utilize new skills to identify IEP goals and design instruction that falls within a child’s zone of proximal development
  • Participants will reflect on when, where, and under what context they have observed any of the seven (7) learning progressions, as well as what they would do in the future to address them


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Upgrades Available

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