Module 4: Framework and Formula for Writing Meaningful IEPs

Module 4: When Children Struggle

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Lesson 1:  Zig Zag Process (DNQ)

Steps to take when a child is struggling but may not be eligible for ECSE services and supports

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Lesson 2: Every Child is a Triangle (“Tier 2”)

Explore how to better support children in the “messy middle” when they struggle or development and learning has stalled

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Lesson 3: Learning Trajectories

Learn how to identify patterns and trends to “peel” back and find what is really keeping a child from accessing, participating, and making progress

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Module 4: Flipped Learning Activity

Read, “Identifying Outcomes for Children in Blended Early Childhood Classrooms, a [chapter] from our text, “Blended Practices for Teaching Young Children in Inclusive Settings (2nd ed.), which is shared with permission by Brookes Publishing and my co-authors.


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