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Table of Contents

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Introducing Leadership-Bytes

Description: In this introductory Leadership-Byte we delve into the essence of Leadership Bytes, a concept derived from our bestselling book “The Way to Inclusion: How Leaders Create Schools Where Every Student Belongs.” This framework explores the who, what, and why of leadership bytes, demonstrating the core principles that guide inclusive leadership. This byte includes a discussion of our own “why,” and we provide a concise yet comprehensive overview of the components of each Byte.

Length: 21:34

#1 Beyond Boundaries: Navigating Inclusive Education and System Change

Description: In this Leadership-Byte we unveil a compelling definition of inclusive education that serves as our compass as we navigate the transformative path of systems change. We also introduce you to the essential structural and instructional components for sculpting a new inclusive education model of education. Prepare for a delightful revelation as we draw unexpected parallels between inclusion and beer.

Length: 32:00

#2 How to Know if your School is Inclusive (or Not)

Description: In this Leadership-Byte gauge your school's inclusivity through focused questions and uncover 7 key milestones on the path to inclusion with actionable advice and resources. Packed with practical insights, this byte empowers you to share transformative tools directly with educators, culminating in a realization—perhaps it's time for everyone to view education through a new lens.

Length: 37:00

#3 Leading with Clarity: The School Leader’s Role in Cultivating an Understanding of Why • Parts 1 & 2

Description: In this Leadership-Byte we talk mindsets, heartsets, and skillsets…Oh my! At first it may feel a bit overwhelming when you think of all that needs to change in your school system for inclusion to become a reality. However, taking it one “byte” at a time, you’ll gain clarity about common ways of thinking (or mindsets) that are up to leaders like you to shift. Learn how leaders can navigate mindset changes, nurture compassionate heartsets, and fine-tune essential skillsets.

Part 1 – 22:11
Part 2 – 25:46

#4 Ensuring Staff Feel Seen • Parts 1 & 2

Description: Delve into the essence of making staff feel truly seen with this Leadership Byte. Learn the art of supporting teachers through moments of big emotions, cultivating an empathetic environment. Uncover the concept of “Shark Music” and its impact on staff well-being, providing a unique perspective on emotional awareness. Explore the dynamic interplay of power, identity, and coping strategies, empowering leaders to create an atmosphere where every staff member's voice is valued. Elevate your leadership journey by mastering the skills to foster genuine connection within your educational community.

Part 1 – 19:48

Part 2 – 20:48

#5 Offering Lifelines When Staff Are Overboard

Description: Discover the art of providing lifelines to your staff with this impactful and practical Leadership Byte. Navigate the intricacies of guiding individuals beyond the danger zone, offering strategies to promote resilience and well-being. Explore the science of soothing neurological systems, creating a foundation for a supportive work environment. Learn the essential lifelines to provide, tailored to empower and uplift your team during challenging times. Uncover the keys to triggering the “Yes Brain” and activating the positive emotional attractor (PEA), fostering a culture of optimism and resilience within your educational community.

Length: 29:33

#6 Creating School Systems That Are Safe Harbors

Description: Explore the art of change-making in school systems, focusing on strategies to help educators embrace change. Dive into the crucial realm of neurological safety and discover its pivotal role in fostering a supportive educational environment. This Leadership Byte delves into the hands-on approach of leaders, offering insights on stressor reduction and providing neurologically sound support systems for teachers. Elevate your leadership skills and champion inclusive education through practical guidance tailored for transformative impact.

Length: 42:25

#7 Thriving in Transition: Empowering Staff during the Change Process • Parts 1 & 2

Description: In this Leadership Byte learn the art of steering your team through complex change, unraveling the mysteries of inclusive education with practical insights. Discover the human side of resistance to change and ride the wave of transformation using our inclusive change cycle. Brace yourself for strategies that not only support but elevate your staff. Oh, and did we mention horses and butterflies? Saddle up for a riveting exploration and get ready to take flight!

Part 1 – 33:20
Part 2 – 26:00

#8 Leadership EQ and The Unexpected Active Ingredient to Igniting Change

Description: Embark on a transformative journey into the heart of leadership– emotional intelligence (EQ) with this insightful Leadership Byte. Explore the unexpected active ingredient that sparks meaningful change within educational settings. Uncover the power of EQ in navigating challenges, fostering collaboration, and inspiring teams to new heights.

Length: 25:43

#9 Designing Inclusion: Realigning Service Delivery and Collaborative Staffing Models

Description: In this Leadership-Byte we will explore all of the structural changes needed to create an inclusive school system. Additionally we will talk through visual maps of school systems that have made these changes and their impressive student results. Lastly, we will help with common barriers to inclusion.

Length: 34:20

#10 Achieving Lasting Impact: Learning, Supporting, Celebrating, and Sustaining Momentum • Parts 1 & 2

Description: Uncover the secrets of effective Professional Development (PD), exploring what truly makes it impactful and how to carve out time for continuous growth. Navigate the tiered PD approach, tailoring learning experiences for maximum effectiveness. This Byte includes information about the core needs of adults for ongoing support and how to provide a sense of autonomy. Learn the art of celebration and sustaining positive momentum as you explore strategies for personal sustainability, which includes setting boundaries. Build on strengths and design a future of leadership that is resilient, impactful, and enduring.

Part 1 – 27:33
Part 2 – 23:34

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