What is a manifesto and why create one?

These are good questions and I've asked these same questions a few times myself.

According to Jonathan Fields, from the Good Life Project, “Manifestos create a sense of community, which goes beyond buying a product…they help build a business of belonging…”

Transforming Professional Development and Learning

For me, writing a manifesto was a way to capture the “why” behind my work. And in truth, the “why” behind our collective work in terms of offering effective professional development and learning opportunities.

Click HERE to read my manifesto.

When asked in a podcast interview by Dr. Marisa Macy, what I liked best about early care and education, without skipping a beat, I said, “The teachers.”
To me, whether we call them teachers, educators, caregivers, developmental specialists, or even brain architects, they are the “custodians of children's consciousness” and their lives and work matter beyond measure.
The intent of this manifesto is to offer a set of core beliefs to serve as the foundation for professional development and learning that not only trains and educates teachers, but inspires them to renew their passion for helping children thrive in school and life.

Click HERE to watch an excerpt from my written manifesto.

If you know others who strive to support and ensure teachers work from a place of wholeness and wonder, please share this manifesto with them!
With gratitude for all you do!