"If Julie did not work with my family, my son would still be stuck in that 8:1:1 segregated special education classroom at the end of the hall. Now he is a part of a general education classroom— he is truly a part of the school community! He eats lunch with his typical peers, works with his classmates, and he now goes on playdates!! The best change of all is the change in him. He feels SO much better about himself! It was the best educational decision our family has made."

Douglas. Parent. Washington


"Dr. Julie’s web series was life-changing. I found it right after I decided to push for inclusion for my daughter with significant disabilities. Dr. Julie’s web series program gave me the tools and inspiration I needed to push forward. I will be forever grateful for the amazing community that I am now a part of. Thank you, Dr. Julie!"

Nelia. Parent. California

“Dr. Julie helped me to see how important it is to focus on developing positive relationships with my co-teaching team. It’s really been a game-changer for us.”

David. Educator. Connecticut

"I have attended several of Julie's classes, they are nothing short of life changing!"

Susan. Administrator. Wisconsin


“I am so glad I took Dr. Julie’s class! It was extremely helpful. I received so many tips and so much inspiration to help me move forward.”

Nelly. Parent. California

“Having exclusive access to the private facebook page is a huge bonus that comes with this parent class. I love love love that group! Anytime I have a question, I throw it out to the group of inspired advocates and my questions are answered many times over. I was happily surprised at how often Dr. Julie logs on to answer questions – it is an amazing resource."

Megan. Parent. New Jersey


"Dr. Julie is an inclusion ROCKSTAR!!"

Laura. Educator. Canada

"Every aspect of Kate's class was useful and applicable to building and improving my own pedagogy. She gently and effortlessly challenged us to expand our perspectives on educating students with disabilities. Clone her ability to teach!! She is awesomely effective!"

Mufasa. Educator. New York City.


“Dr. Julie is so captivating! She makes professional development engaging, meaningful and fun. I seriously can’t believe this was required PD!”

Cheryl. Educator. Colorado

  •  “Julie and Kate— thank you both so much for today! There are no words to describe my deep gratitude for your time, insights and positive energy – you have refilled my tanks and I feel energized to continue this challenging work. Thank you both for being master teachers and workers for righteousness. You are superheroes!”
    Lisa. Administrator. New York.
  • “I learned so many new strategies for collaborating with co-teachers — I feel like now my co-teacher and I can really carve out time to meet and plan for all of our students with disabilities.”
    Karen. Educator. New York
  • “I have a new perspective on students now— Dr. Julie has helped me to focus on student strengths, not deficits.”
    Brian. Educator. New York
  • “I left Dr. Julie’s professional development with so many ideas for developing more creative and fun educational environments — even for my students who are performing well below grade level!”
    Jessica. Educator. New York
  • “Dr. Julie’s series is WONDERFUL and I thank her everyday for creating this supportive community of advocates!”
    Jill. Parent. New York
  • “The report Dr. Julie wrote for our due process hearing to keep Aidan included was so powerful, the district withdrew after reading it and we won without having to go any further!”
    Blaire. Parent. New York
  • “Inclusion can be a pretty lonely road for parents sometimes and Dr. Julie’s input and encouragement are invaluable. She is helping to change lives everyday.”
    Alison. Parent. New York
  • “Dr. Julie is fighting the good fight — she stood shoulder to shoulder with me and my family and we are so thankful to her.”
    Aaron. Parent. Wisconsin
  • “I left Julie's class feeling empowered, inspired and ready to actively advocate for inclusion. I finally knew the law, my rights and had so many tools and resources. I use those class materials every year when preparing for Jack's IEP meeting.”
    Katie. Parent. Minnesota
  • “THANK YOU Julie Causton!!!!!! We love you! Today we had an IEP meeting and next year, 3rd grade, Emma will be fully included in the regular education classroom with all services being brought to her! Hiring you to observe and advocate on our behalf was the best decision we've made so far! I feel so blessed to have found Julie and this group… this process has taken its toll but I see light at the end of the tunnel. And more importantly, Emma will get the inclusive education she deserves— at her home school, among her friends and neighbors who love and care for her.”
    Jodie. Parent. Pennsylvania
  • “I appreciate Kate's support so much!! It is like she reads my mind when it comes to supporting Zoie. Kate truly has such a talent and gift for this work.”
    Karrie. Parent. Illinois.
  • “I hired Julie for a phone consultation and the value was way beyond what I expected!! With Julie’s empowering advice and all of the resources she followed up with, Casey is now going to be fully included in the general education classroom for her first year of middle school!”
    Ann. Parent. Washington
  • “This class is truly like having an advocate in my pocket when I go to IEP meetings for John. I feel so much more empowered, know the language I need to use and even have printable materials that I take in with me!”
    Teryn. Parent. New York
  • “Inspired Advocate not only gives me access to great and inspiring content but also gives me a lifelong community of advocates that inspires, challenges, and is a great source of support and information.”
    Carolyn. Parent. Colorado
  • “I use Dr. Julie’s classes to constantly refresh my knowledge and boost my confidence before any meeting with my school team.”
    Mary. Parent. New York
  • “Her overall presentation was easy to comprehend and apply to our situation — our Jamie is now fully included in general education classes.”
    Mark. Parent. Pennsylvania
  • “Inspired Advocate has given me access to a lifelong community — I am always inspired by other advocates’ strength and determination. The video series is extremely informative and encouraging and even though I live in Australia it is absolutely helpful, insightful and applicable to life.”
    Sarah. Parent. Australia
  • “I am a Dr. Julie follower for life!”
    Michelle. Parent. New Jersey
  • “We hired Julie as an expert in our due process hearing. She was the reason we were successful during the trial. We wanted our daughter included in 7th grade classes. The district wanted her to go to life skills classes. Julie articulately argued for membership in general education.”
    MaryAnn. Parent. New York