Inclusion-Bytes 3 Year License


3-year, renewable district-wide license for Inclusion-Bytes, an engaging and practical solution to your professional development needs around the topic of creating inclusive schools! At the heart of Inclusion-Bytes is the belief that students with disabilities have the right to be educated thoughtfully in general education classrooms with meaningful access to general education content and full engagement with peers.



Inclusion-Bytes is a comprehensive on-demand professional development series that will support your entire teaching staff (Pre-K-12) with everything any educator needs to know about inclusion. As world renowned inclusion experts, we co-teach each of the Bytes, which consists of 20 powerful sessions (30-60 minutes each). We also include supporting resources that cover all of the evidence-based practices educators need to know to create inclusive classrooms. Inclusion-Bytes is focused on four key categories—Essential Bytes, Differentiation Bytes, Behavior Bytes, and Co-Teaching Bytes. Here are just a few “Byte” titles to give you a sense of all that is included:

  • Inclusive by Design: Crafting Lessons to Reach the Range of Learners Together
  • The Power of Access Points in the Inclusive Classroom: Enhancing Learning Opportunities for ALL
  • Minds at Ease: Creating Neurologically Secure Learning Environments
  • Demystifying Specially Designed Instruction (SDI): An Overview

Inclusion-Bytes represents our collective 50+ years of experience in schools and extensive qualitative and quantitative research. Our goal was to take inclusion from being a buzzword or a line item on a strategic plan and make inclusion a daily practice. Inclusion-Bytes will guide you to create truly inclusive classrooms that embrace diversity, celebrate uniqueness, and set students on a path to success. Inclusion-Bytes is available for district-wide and program-wide licenses, and includes:

  • 12 hours of on-demand PD
  • Over 100 downloadable and sharable handouts
  • 3 hours of additional training videos, podcasts, and blogs to explore
  • Facilitator’s guide and ongoing email support

Upon investing in a district or program-wide license, we give you immediate access to a customized and password protected dashboard. This dashboard serves as the online content hub for all videos, supplemental resources, materials, and handouts. The dashboard provides educators with a one-stop place, which can be accessed at their own pace and on their own schedule, or on the district’s PD schedule.


You may purchase this product using a credit card or a purchase order at the time of checkout. You can also contact Liz from the Inclusive Schooling team to process using a PO ( Click here for licensing terms.

If you have a need quote for either a regional, state, or provincial license or a small district license – contact us.