PD 4 PD Providers On-Demand: Designing and Delivering Inclusive Professional Development


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This is the perfect series for anyone who designs and delivers professional development, plans conferences, teaches university classes, or is passionate about helping adult humans learn just about anything. Whether you are coaching, teaching, or presenting in person, virtually, on on-demand…this series is for you!

In this series, two highly sought after keynote speakers and professional development providers, Dr. Kristie Pretti-Frontczak and Dr. Julie Causton, share everything they know about designing and delivering wildly engaging inclusive professional development. They will demonstrate how to help adults through the change process, increase engagement during your PD, and how to move beyond zoom-fatigue for your next virtual and on-demand course or training. As a result of this series, the adult learners you support will fall in love with what they have learned and will lose no time at all, putting what they have learned into practice.

Overview of Sessions

    • Session 1: Designing Engaging and Inclusive Content
    • Session 2: Discovering HOW to Make Virtual Learning Wildly Effective
    • Session 3: Re-designing Your PD Using Innovative Technology
    • Session 4: Delivering PD Like a Boss

What you get:

  • Four on-demand recorded sessions (75 minutes per session) with Dr. Kristie Pretti-Frontczak and Dr. Julie Causton. Each session is shared as a video and audio only file. The sessions were previously recorded with a live audience.
  • Session-by-session recaps of the Big Ideas covered (audio and transcript files)
  • Lifetime access to a web-based dashboard with real-life examples and tons of research-based resources.
  • Lifetime access to a Padlet with 100s of resources, tips, and practical strategies
  • Lifetime access to a handbook with FAQs and more solutions!


Want a sneak peek? Here’s the recap of Big Ideas covered in session 1 [audio] [pdf¬†transcript]