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Summer Leadership Institute 2021

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Fun Tip: When you use CamelCase and Capitalize The First Letter Of Every Word In Your Tags, it makes it more readable and accessible to anyone using a screenreader.

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Past Highlights From This Year's Presenters

2020 Presenter – Ijumaa Jordan: Critical conversations about racism during a pandemic (12:12)

2020 Presenter – LeDerick Horne: An American IDEA (poem during FB live broadcast)

2020 Presenter – Stephanie Traver: My Inclusive Live (from the 2019 SLI)

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You'll have plenty of time for screen breaks, and everything will be recorded.*
*There are occasionally sessions we're not permitted to record, everything else will be available after the event.

Coming Soon!

Seven tips for giving your next ZOOM meeting, conference, or retreat a makeover. Using the 2020 Summer Leadership Institute as a case example, you'll learn how to align your desired outcomes with ZOOM features and how to help adult learners feel connected to one another, to key concepts, and to you.

Here's what (and who) to expect at this year's Summer Leadership Institute. Invite your colleagues to join you. Share this link with them: You'll have lifetime assess to the content (videos, audio files, transcripts, PPTs, handouts). You can use and reuse these materials in the professional development you design and deliver and/or as part of professional meetings/learning communities.

Dr. Julie Causton (she/her) and Dr. Kristie Pretti-Frontczak (she/her) are joined by another amazing presenter from the 2020 Summer Leadership Institute, Tony Ferraiolo (he/his). Tony shares a bit about his session at this year's institute and why leaders need to answer questions like, “What pronoun and name should I use? What restroom or locker room should my transgender student use?”. He'll also share about his story and the work he is doing. Learn more about his work at

Meet All The Presenters

Be inspired by international industry leaders and advocates.

Your Host Dr. Julie Causton

CEO, Inclusive Schooling

Dr. Julie Causton is a passionate expert, author, and teacher in the area of inclusive and special education. As a Syracuse University professor, elementary, middle and high school teacher herself, Julie has experienced firsthand the positive outcomes of inclusion. This work lead her to found Inclusive Schooling. As the CEO of Inclusive Schooling, Julie, offers interactive large group presentations, motivational online courses, hands-on workshops, and more to administrators, educators and parents interested in inclusive school reform, inclusive teacher training, collaboration, humanistic behavioral supports, lesson planning, and providing invisible adult supports. Julie believes that disability is simply a form of diversity and helps schools to create strength based inclusive systems where every individual can reach their full academic and social potential. As a prominent educational researcher, Causton has published over 30 articles in academic journals and has written six books for school teams about the most innovative theories and practices in inclusive education.  These books and articles are utilized across the country to teach and support pre-service and in-service educators and administrators. With her newest title, The Too Much Unicorn, Julie hopes to continue to empower children directly to joyfully, stylishly, and confidently embrace their own beauty. Julie lives in New York with her wife and two awesome kids.
What an inspirational recharge before heading into a new school year! It broadened my views of inclusion and gave me some “next steps” in my personal practice, as well as goals on a larger scale within my building and district to keep myself moving. There's always room for improvement and listening and learning for the 3 days of the institute only makes me better – hopefully year after year! I can’t wait to be back next year!


All your questions, answered:

What's the schedule across the four days?

The entire schedule will be announced soon.

Can I get CEUs?

YES! We are offering 3 FREE CEUs for the event in collaboration with Syracuse University.

There are NO extra fees associated with receiving the CEUs, however, you will need to complete some paperwork and a brief (and painless) assignment. Details to follow.

Everyone will receive a certificate of attendance for 30 hours.

Do I have to register for sessions? What happens if they're "full"?

Nope! You have a front row seat saved for each and every session. Even the ones you don't attend will be recorded and shared with you after the event. Don't worry…you won't miss a thing.

How do I access the live presentations?

All live sessions will be offered through ZOOM video-conferencing software and most will be live streamed via YouTube in American Sign Language. You will need the internet and a devise to listen/watch from (computer, tablet, smartphone). Links to all ZOOM sessions and the YouTube channel will be provided on the main SLI dashboard. You will be given full access 48 hours before the event.

How do I access the on-demand recordings?

All on-demand recordings (bonus, session-based, and even the recordings of live sessions) will be posted to the main SLI dashboard (website). You will need internet access and a devise to view them before, during, and after the event. You will be given the URL, password, and directions within 48 hours of the event. You will have access to the main SLI dashboard for a lifetime

How long will I have access to the recordings?

All sessions will be recorded (with the exception of Dr. Bettina Love's and LeDerick Horne's). All recordings will be posted to the main SLI dashboard and you will have lifetime access.

How much time will it take each day?
Each live session will be approximately an hour long. Watch them live or on your time (we'll record everything and share within 48 hours of the live event). You can check in with the group daily or as you have time throughout the school year.
What does a it mean that the conference is going to be virtual? Do I have to be at my computer for 8 hours a day?

Being virtual can mean lots of different things. For us and for this conference it means that you will have the opportunity to sit on live sessions with amazing speakers, attend breakout sessions with champions of inclusion from all over the world, take screenbreaks when you and your family need them, and to have access to tons of on-demand content. Even the live sessions will be recorded so you don't have to worry if your schedule doesn't match ours.

We'll be gathering for large and small groups in ZOOM and you'll have access to a dashboard with all the on-demand content.

Click here for a Facebook live conversation between Dr Julie Causton and Dr. Kristie Pretti-Frontczak about all the fun we'll have even while we ZOOM. 

What if one or more of my team has to cancel at the last minute?

Don't worry. It's hard to know what tomorrow will be like, let along what things will be like in a few months. You and/or your district will receive a full refund (minus the eventbrite processing fee) for any and all registrations through July 24, 2020.