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“Loved the keynote and her presentations. Best I have every heard at any conference I have ever attended!” 

~Early Intervention Provider, 11th Annual Empowering Professionals Conference (IL)

“Kristie is a special gift to those who are interested in learning about, struggling with, and ultimately pushing forward in their pursuit of early childhood inclusion. The outpouring of positive feedback was tremendous.”

~ Jason Rahn, Inclusion Policy Analyst, DCF (WI)


“Kristie's keynote was spectacular. I've already utilized her idea of what we can control and influence. It was very easy for the participants to grasp and discuss.”

~ Deborah Haley-Hughes, RDA Coordinator (ID)

“Our staff needed rejuvenation and renewed excitement for meeting the needs of their students. Kristie came in and took care of them first, providing them space to celebrate who they are and what they do and encourage them to create spaces where children can learn through play in a caring environment that reduces their stress.”

~ Carla Heintz, Early Childhood Teaching Specialist (KS)

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