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Break Idea Cards (pdf)

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Daily Graceful Practice

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Daily Wellness Ideas & Resources

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INCLUSIVE EDUCATION MEANS we no longer accept that separate classrooms, separate schools, and separate lives are in the best interest of any student. Separating peoplevby ability disadvantages everyone. Belonging is a human need. Our educational system, practices, and spaces, need to be reimagined.

INCLUSIVE EDUCATION MEANS every student is valued because of their strengths, gifts, and even challenges. As disability is simply… diversity. Everyone benefits from meaningful participation and opportunities to learn grade level content with diverse peers. We must trust that all students come to us as incredible whole people who do not need to be fixed.


Playful Learning: Embracing the Educational Power of Play in Early Childhood

In early childhood education, play is fundamental for entertainment and a critical component of developmental learning. Play allows children to...

The Power of Options: Creating Inclusive Classrooms Through Choice

These invisible choices are all around us, often hidden by forces that would rather we didn’t think about them. And it’s usually easier to simply...

20 Ways to Magically Make IEP Goals Inclusive

Here are 20 Evidence-Based Ways to Magically Make IEP goals Inclusive   Incorporate IEP Goals Naturally: Integrate Individualized Education...

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Exploration Plan (pdf)

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Learning Contract (pdf)

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Circle Makers Ebook

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Because of Oliver Ebook

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I Think There's been a Mistake Ebook

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Inclusion Quotes

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Handy Articles

For Educators and Related Service Providers

Achieving Inclusion: Strategies for Creating Inclusive Classrooms

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For Families & Caregivers

Achieving Inclusion: 5 Strategies for Ensuring Inclusive Placement

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For Educational Leaders

Ready…Set…Success: A Formula for Leading Schools with Love

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How leaders create schools where all students belong! Watch our byte-sized trainings to learn how to create more inclusive schools and classrooms!
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Steps for responding to big emotion

4 Steps for Dealing with Challenging Behavior –  Learn what to do (and what not to do) when students have big emotions in this FREE resource.

Inclusive Schooling Playlist 

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