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inclusive system change

The Inclusive System Change Path (Causton, MacLeod, & Pretti-Frontczak, 2022) is a framework grounded in the in-depth inclusive system reform process we have used with school systems across the United States, findings from nearly 50 years of research on what makes inclusive schools work and our own experiences creating inclusive schools

The Inclusive System Change Path contains 7 milestones, clarifying questions and leadership steps that will help to guide real change and inclusive growth in your school system. The questions are meant to help you identify and understand your system’s current strengths and needs.

Download the Inclusive Change Path to help you with your pursuit of meaningful systems change.   

Your action plan

Your action plan is a critical tool to help you translate the concepts learned from the book into actionable items that will support your system’s inclusive journey. The Action Plan can be downloaded here and take you through identifying action items, who is responsible for the action, how you will measure success, and a deadline for completion.  

The inclusive system scheduling process

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bring the book to life

SLI 2023 is for all educators ready to transform their school! Learn how to create an equitable, inclusive, and joy-filled educational system where all students grow into their full potential.

You can join at any time, on any of the days, from any place in the world. All you need is a comfy spot with good wifi! And don’t worry if you are on vacation, leading a back-to-school retreat, or still recovering from this past year – we’ll record the sessions and have them ready when you are!


Dates: August 7, 8, 9th (2023)

Times: Roughly from 9-4 pm Eastern Time (subject to change and full schedule will be ready by late Spring)