Through my innovative consulting practices, we’ll collaborate to deepen your knowledge, explore new ideas, and engage in reflective practices.
Whether we’re in a group or working together one-on-one, my goal is to better equip you to overcome challenges and ultimately minimize the barriers to change. This is accomplished by providing ongoing and on-demand support.
For nearly 25 years, I have been sharing my knowledge and implementing best practices with a wide variety of audiences, large and small. For me, it’s not just about covering the content, it’s about transforming professional learning – how we get to a real and sustained change in practice and in the way we think and approach early care and education.
I am sought out to consult on a wide variety of subjects, including:

  • Promoting children’s social-emotional learning
  • Creating inclusive learning environments
  • Engaging in authentic assessment
  • Delivering tiered and differentiated instruction
  • Developing meaningful IFSPs/IEPs
  • Working with children with autism
  • Delivering early intervention in natural environments
  • Supporting the social-emotional health and well-being of adult learners
  • Changing beliefs and getting to a transformation in practice

My consulting clients include coaches, teachers, administrators, and other educational leaders. I also consult with a wide variety of agencies, school districts, businesses, universities, and state departments.
When providing consulting services, I use live and/or virtual formats. Our work together can include observing/critiquing practices and policies, creating professional learning materials and products, collaborating on research projects, and conducting evaluations.
Here are a number of the ways we can work together:

  • One-on-one with me, working together to meet your needs and aspirations
  • One-on-one with a virtual mentor who has specific expertise (by age or topic)
  • Consulting on a specific project – For example, development of training modules and guides, commissioned training videos, applied research and assistance in grant writing, individualized program evaluations, and assembling a team of experts to aid your cause.

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