About us

Julie Causton, PhD and Kate MacLeod, PhD co-founded Inclusive Schooling in order to support administrators, educators and parents who wish to create more caring, creative inclusive schools for all learners. Inclusive Schooling offers live and online courses, workshops, presentations and innovative support focused on creating and supporting more inclusive schools.


Julie Causton, PhD

Julie Causton is founder and CEO of Inclusive Schooling. She is a former Professor in the Inclusive and Special Education Program in the Department of Teaching and Leadership at Syracuse University. She has spent the past 20 years studying best practices for inclusive education and as a former elementary, middle and high school special education teacher herself, she knows firsthand how inclusion leads to better outcomes for students.

She is an educational consultant and works with administrators, teachers, paraprofessionals and families across the country to help them promote and improve inclusive practices. Her dynamic presentations focus on engaging ways to educate all students within the context of general education.

Julie is the author of many books about inclusive education and she has published articles in over thirty educational research and practitioner journals.

She lives in Manlius, NY with her two adorable children, two dogs and two cats. When she is not parenting and working, she really enjoys journaling, sunshine and organizing her to do lists into 15 minute increments.

For more about Julie, please view her CV.

Kate MacLeod, PhD

Kate MacLeod is founder and consultant at Inclusive Schooling. She is an Assistant Professor of Special Education at the University of Maine at Farmington and a charter member of Maine Coalition for Inclusive Education. A former high school special education teacher in New York City, she has expertise working with adolescent students with complex support needs.

She is an educational consultant who works with schools and families to create more inclusive practices for all. Her research is focused on best practices for the inclusion for students with complex support needs and understanding the culture of inclusive schools.

Kate writes and manages the Inclusive Schooling Blog and is always looking to feature new voices and ideas related to inclusive education.

She lives in Unity, Maine with her husband Danny, their dog Amelia, cat, Carlos and flock of chickens. When she is not working she loves to play music, swim in the ocean, and send positive vibes into the world.

For more about Kate, please view her CV.